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 December 8th, 2016 Hits Link Time
Just Something: 20 Pictures That Are So Real For Women And Men Will Never Ever Understand -- Max 1444 12:33 AM
Twenty Two Words: This Christmas Ad Is Going Viral and When You See It You’ll IMMEDIATELY Know Why -- Max 1033 12:31 AM
Regretful Morning: 20 Brilliant Shower Thoughts That Will Keep You Fascinated -- Max 784 12:28 AM
Director Blue: Larwyn's Linx: GOP spending bill would expedite Mattis waiver -- Max 117 12:26 AM
Bro My God: Isn’t There Something Odd About All These Pictures? -- Max 933 12:25 AM
Right Wing News: Obama Says Under His Watch There Have Been NO Terrorist Attacks – SOLDIERS RESPOND! -- Max 569 12:22 AM
Bad Sentinel: Dirty jokes and humor that are purely unintentional -- Max 706 12:20 AM
Emgn: Here’s What The ‘Ideal’ Woman’s Body Looks Like In 18 Different Countries -- Max 1191 12:18 AM
Imgur: Logic done right -- Max 683 12:17 AM
Funsterz: Fresh Facts For You And Your Brain To Memorize -- Max 1077 12:16 AM
Moon Battery: Ohio State Moonbats Won’t Admit Terror Attack Was Terror Attack -- Max 279 12:15 AM
Classy Bro: Photos of Private Jet Interiors, Enough Said… -- Max 452 12:14 AM
The Last Tradition: Hannity- Lewandowski: Clinton campaign blames 'everybody except themselves' for defeat -- Max 183 12:13 AM
Likes: If You See A Coin On A Headstone, Do Not Touch It Or Pick It Up - Here's Why -- Max 885 12:12 AM
Radass: Amazing Photoshopper Has SAVAGELY Clever Response To Annoying Neighbors -- Max 824 12:11 AM
Hotair: Which laws shouldn’t apply on campus? -- Max 275 12:10 AM
The Chive: History sure has recorded some extremely strange deaths -- Max 440 12:08 AM
Right Wing News: New York Appellate Court Fails Test: Horrible Decision Allow Teacher Ericka Bolt to Get Job Back After She Was Fired for Helping Students Cheat on State Exams -- Max 191 12:07 AM
Bright Side: 11 Fascinating Hidden Messages in Popular Movies That You Never Noticed -- Max 812 12:06 AM
Funtasticus: Towel Selfies Make Hump Day Even Better -- Max 752 12:04 AM
Caveman Circus: Hot Instagram Babe Of The Day: KushieDaMeow -- Max 460 12:03 AM
Hollywood Tuna: Sarah Hyland’s Cleavage Does Marie Claire -- Max 575 12:02 AM
Celebslam: Model at Midnight: Milou Sluis -- Max 369 12:01 AM
Yes Bitch: Bella Hadid Goes Blonde And Topless -- Max 632 12:01 AM
Drunken Stepfather: Christina Milian’s See Through Shirt of the Day -- Max 552 12:00 AM
 December 7th, 2016 Hits Link Time
Caveman Circus: 22 Fascinating Photos Collected From History -- Max 1770 1:00 AM
Diply: 12 Ways To Use WD-40 Around The Home -- Max 1448 12:58 AM
Regretful Morning: 18 Unintentionally Funny Photos That Will Make You Look Twice -- Max 1293 12:55 AM
Sad And Useless: Snapchat Fails of People Having a Worse Day Than You -- Max 1011 12:47 AM
Right Wing News: House of Representatives to Vote This Week On Impeaching IRS Commissioner -- Max 359 12:45 AM
The Chive: Park your high horse and enjoy some lowbrow humor -- Max 1137 12:40 AM
Maxim: People Who Trim Their Pubic Hair Are 80% More Likely to Get an STD, Study Finds -- Max 553 12:38 AM
Bad Sentinel: Brace yourselves! weirdness is hitting -- Max 940 12:37 AM
Director Blue: OOPS: Michigan Recount Appears to Expose Industrial-Scale Democrat Vote Fraud -- Max 1563 12:35 AM
Bored Panda: 50+ Of The Best Images Of The Year Announced By National Geographic -- Max 1584 12:33 AM
Damnlol: Three Generations Doing It Right -- Max 719 12:32 AM
Classy Bro: Random Funny & Awesome Photos of the Day -- Max 912 12:28 AM
Funsterz: Epic Perfectly Timed Sports Photos You Just Can’t Plan! -- Max 593 12:23 AM
Right Wing News: Democrats Suddenly Realize They Made An ENORMOUS MISTAKE -- Max 1467 12:20 AM
Izismile: The First Word That Will Come To Your Mind After Seeing These Pics Is WTF -- Max 1179 12:17 AM
The Last Tradition: Louisville Basketball Coach Succinctly Explains the Failure of Liberalism that Produces the Snowflake Generation Who Always Got a Trophy and is Unprepared for Real World -- Max 756 12:15 AM
Buzz Feed: 21 Small Changes You Should Make This Christmas -- Max 630 12:11 AM
Radass: I Would Date You But… -- Max 1173 12:09 AM
Hotair: John Kasich to faithless electors: Don’t vote for me for president -- Max 185 12:08 AM
G Celeb: Gene Simmons’ Daughter Was in Her Underwear -- Max 1437 12:05 AM
Drunken Stepfather: Edita Vilkeviciute in Underwear of the Day -- Max 740 12:04 AM
Bro My God: Hot Girls With Glasses Are Always Appreciated -- Max 734 12:03 AM
Yes Bitch: Demi Rose Mawby Got Naked -- Max 1452 12:02 AM
Celebslam: Carla Howe is my new favorite model -- Max 727 12:01 AM
Hollywood Tuna: Instagram Model Carmella Rose Has A Great Booty -- Max 669 12:00 AM
 December 6th, 2016 Hits Link Time
Twenty Two Words: He Was the Richest Man In History, But You've Probably Never Heard of Him -- Max 1704 12:40 AM
Twisted Sifter: 5 Advent Calendars for Adults -- Max 1415 12:38 AM
Caveman Circus: A Damn Fine Collection Of Fascinating Photos And Videos -- Max 1449 12:36 AM
Ebaums World: It’s Okay To Face Some Sh!t In Your Life -- Max 1172 12:33 AM
Bro My God: WTF Google Map Pictures -- Max 1426 12:29 AM
Director Blue: Larwyn's Linx: A Problem Like Keith Ellison; Flood of Illegal Immigrants Continues at Texas Border -- Max 293 12:27 AM
Bad Sentinel: Blow your mind with these 25 fascinating facts -- Max 1543 12:26 AM
Cracked: 24 Beautifully-Acted Scenes You Probably Missed -- Max 875 12:24 AM
Acid Cow: Some Of The Funniest Letters That Kids Have Ever Written To Santa -- Max 452 12:23 AM
Funtasticus: The Daily Random -- Max 832 12:22 AM
Hotair: “Walking Dead” grumble thread: One-note johnny -- Max 316 12:20 AM
Funsterz: What Were They Thinking? -- Max 1044 12:18 AM
9gag: Man cries after watching The last of us 2 Trailer -- Max 269 12:17 AM
Ned Hardy: Meet Esther, The 500 Pound House Pet Pig! -- Max 247 12:15 AM
Bright Side: I Was Shocked When I Discovered the Meaning of Fruit Stickers. I Thought It Was an Irrelevant Detail -- Max 1682 12:13 AM
Right Wing News: Are Trump and Universities Headed for a Mexican Standoff? -- Max 262 12:12 AM
Barnorama: Hilarious Game Show Answers That Will Crack You Up -- Max 751 12:11 AM
Radass: Australian Man Punches a Kangaroo in the Face to Protect His Dog -- Max 223 12:10 AM
The Chive: Roommate pranks are either the best or the worst kind -- Max 551 12:09 AM
Buzz Feed: 15 Tragedies You’ve Only Lived Through If You’re Always Hungry -- Max 510 12:07 AM
Classy Bro: 10 Gorgeous Women You Wish You Could Date -- Max 1279 12:06 AM
Lurk And Perv: Hot Pictures Of Helga Lovekaty -- Max 1095 12:05 AM
Hollywood Tuna: Instagram Model Ireland Baldwin Topless For The Boring LOVE Magazine Advent Shoot -- Max 963 12:04 AM
Drunken Stepfather: Ariel Winter’s Big Tits at an Event of the Day -- Max 1253 12:03 AM
Yes Bitch: Jessica Nigri Assumes Position In A Bikini -- Max 1035 12:01 AM
Regretful Morning: The 25 Sexiest Pictures Of Russian Model Masha Philippova -- Max 908 12:00 AM
 December 5th, 2016 Hits Link Time
Imgur: Self-Farming Robot controlled by an app -- Max 534 12:53 AM
wwtdd: Pirelli Calendar Ruined and Amber Heard Beaten on the Last Men on Earth Podcast -- Max 1034 12:50 AM
Regretful Morning: Got Swampass? 15 People Itching Their Ass@s -- Max 1008 12:46 AM
Bloggers Arena: Here Are 10 Tips For Healthy And Youthful Skin After 25! -- Max 431 12:43 AM
Funsterz: 25 Strange Animals That Exist in Real Life -- Max 888 12:40 AM
Diply: 12 Breathtaking Nature Photos That Show The Beauty Of Our World -- Max 765 12:38 AM
Bro My God: The Most Weird House Repairs That You Might Haven’t Seen In Your Whole Life -- Max 1325 12:36 AM
Right Wing News: Obama Hero For Talking To Dictators, Trump Criticized For Talking To Taiwan -- Max 259 12:33 AM
Guff: Bizarre And Fascinating Facts Behind the Infamous Caffeine Pill Episode of 'Saved by the Bell' -- Max 683 12:31 AM
Radass: Animals Who Bring You Tissues When You Sneeze Are Super Cute -- Max 388 12:29 AM
The Chive: These are the 20 most Instagrammed places of 2016 -- Max 585 12:27 AM
Hotair: Austria’s nationalist candidate appears to lose election -- Max 225 12:25 AM
Bad Sentinel: None of this seems to make any sense -- Max 1086 12:19 AM
Right Wing News: The Punisher… Trump’s Tweetstorm: Threatens 35% Tax On Companies That Leave The US -- Max 165 12:15 AM
List25: 25 Holiday Memes That Will Make You Jolly -- Max 747 12:14 AM
Runt: 50 Things Only The Painfully Single Will Understand -- Max 974 12:13 AM
Oddee: 10 Weirdest Diseases -- Max 484 12:12 AM
Buzz Feed: Here’s What The Cast Of “What A Girl Wants” Looks Like Now -- Max 678 12:10 AM
9gag: 23 People That Shouldn't Lay A Finger On Any Computers -- Max 992 12:08 AM
The Last Tradition: Security Alert-African Migrants Rushing the Southern Border Ahead of Trump -- Max 278 12:06 AM
Caveman Circus: Pretty Girls Make The World Go Round -- Max 1203 12:04 AM
Hollywood Tuna: Nina Dobrev Does Flaunt Magazine -- Max 850 12:03 AM
Funtasticus: Natasha Legeyda and Vitamin C -- Max 769 12:02 AM
Celebslam: Model at Midnight: Melody Le -- Max 578 12:01 AM
G Celeb: Kendall Jenner’s Finger F*ck Action in Miami -- Max 1601 12:01 AM
Yes Bitch: Antje Utgaard’s Tasty Ass Will Blow Your Pants Off -- Max 1154 12:00 AM
 December 4th, 2016 Hits Link Time
College Humor: Every Day is a Holiday on Twitter -- Max 745 1:05 AM
Distractify: 18 Absurd Headlines That Should Not Have Happened This Week -- Max 1085 1:03 AM
Pleated Jeans: 17 Outrageously Ugly Christmas Sweaters -- Max 403 1:01 AM
Regretful Morning: 30 Jaw-Dropping And Stunning Examples of High-Speed Photography -- Max 1211 12:56 AM
Right Wing News: Kellyanne STEAMROLLS CNN Host On His Own Segment After He Tries To STUMP Her -- Max 1054 12:53 AM
Furious Fanboys: Legends of Tomorrow: The Final Night of the DC Crossover Event -- Max 276 12:50 AM
Bro My God: Funniest Internet Memes That Are True In All Sense -- Max 1057 12:48 AM
Funtasticus: The Cool, The Funny And The Interesting -- Max 809 12:38 AM
Caveman Circus: A Collection Of Life Advice To Help You On Your Travels Through Life -- Max 721 12:35 AM
Buzz Feed: 19 Hilarious Tumblr Posts That Perfectly Sum Up Finals Week -- Max 486 12:28 AM
Emgn: 21 Fantastic Gym Fails From People Who Clearly Don’t Even Lift, Bro -- Max 843 12:25 AM
Funsterz: Hilarious Farewell Cakes That Employees Got On Their Last Day At The Office -- Max 730 12:18 AM
Hotair: Fake news update: Newsweek never read their own “Madam President” issue -- Max 397 12:13 AM
Cracked: 5 Celebrities You Had No Idea Quit Fame For Normal Jobs -- Max 1170 12:10 AM
9gag: The creatures you can't see -- Max 653 12:08 AM
The Chive: 23 times kids completely nailed the whole dating thing -- Max 767 12:07 AM
Right Wing News: Trump trolls SNL with “UNWATCHABLE” Tweet -- Max 340 12:05 AM
Hollywood Tuna: Cindy Crawford Because That’s What A Real Model Looks Like -- Max 812 12:04 AM
Bad Sentinel: Gaps will help us get through the day -- Max 777 12:03 AM
Yes Bitch: Charlotte McKinney’s And Her Massive Bazookas -- Max 1821 12:02 AM
Drunken Stepfather: JoJo Levesque in a See Through Shirt of the Day -- Max 1036 12:01 AM
G Celeb: Kylie Jenner Rockin’ the Red Mini Skirt in Miami -- Max 568 12:00 AM
 December 3rd, 2016 Hits Link Time
Heavy: Top 50 Awesome Christmas Gifts for 2016 -- Max 1810 12:36 AM
The Chive: Truthful movie posters are slightly better than the originals -- Max 1196 12:36 AM
Right Wing News: 5 Reasons Barack Obama Will Be Viewed As One Of The Worst Presidents of All Time -- Max 1622 12:33 AM
Bad Sentinel: Some real jerks we meet while flying in an airplane -- Max 1278 12:32 AM
Cracked: 7 Of Your Dumb Fears (Science Says Are Justified) -- Max 1314 12:28 AM
Radass: The Difference Between a Soccer Coach and a Hockey Coach -- Max 872 12:26 AM
Caveman Circus: A Damn Fine Collection Of Fascinating SPORTS Photos And Videos -- Max 698 12:24 AM
Right Wing News: Snoop Dogg Has Beef With Colin Kaepernick Praising Fidel Castro- Offers BRUTAL Advice -- Max 583 12:22 AM
Emgn: 18 People Who Got Brutally Busted Online -- Max 1533 12:20 AM
Izismile: Pictures That Show The Difference Between Men And Women -- Max 1901 12:19 AM
So Bad So Good: Calming Photos Of Fog That Will Help You Destress -- Max 574 12:17 AM
Buzz Feed: OMG Kourtney Kardshian And Scott Disick Are Back Together -- Max 232 12:16 AM
Classy Bro: 15 Cat Truths We Can All Relate To… -- Max 800 12:15 AM
Funsterz: 10 Cooking Tips from Pro Chefs -- Max 1074 12:14 AM
The Blemish: Charlie Sheen’s HIV Has Been Suppressed Because He’s Rich, Probably -- Max 285 12:12 AM
Hotair: Pennsylvania GOP: State released electors’ personal information -- Max 314 12:11 AM
The Things: 15 People Who Are Just Too Clever For This World -- Max 1415 12:10 AM
Diply: These Writers' Beautiful Quotes Tell Us All About Love -- Max 349 12:08 AM
Right Wing News: BUSTED! CNN Jokes About Trump’s Plane Crashing- Not Knowing Cameras Were Rolling! -- Max 446 12:07 AM
Lurk And Perv: Sexy Shuffle #44 (33 Pics) -- Max 1247 12:05 AM
Bro My God: Hot Girls in Yoga Pants on Friday is the Best -- Max 898 12:04 AM
Regretful Morning: The 34 Hottest Pictures Of Michele Maturo From Instagram -- Max 778 12:03 AM
Drunken Stepfather: Lottie Moss See Through Top of the Day -- Max 1174 12:02 AM
Yes Bitch: Antje Utgaard Is Hotter Than Your Girlfriend -- Max 945 12:01 AM
Hollywood Tuna: Lara Birmili Is A Booty You Should Know -- Max 899 12:00 AM
 December 2nd, 2016 Hits Link Time
Suburban Men: Late Night Randomness -- Max 1777 2:32 AM
Crave Online: The Six Best Electronic Music Albums Of 2016 -- Max 417 12:46 AM
Bro My God: Creative Toilet Signs That Are Just Brilliant -- Max 1429 12:42 AM
List25: 25 Fastest Trains in the World You’ll Miss if You Blink -- Max 696 12:39 AM
Regretful Morning: Not Just One, Rather Everything Here Is So True -- Max 1598 12:35 AM
Ranker: Resorts That Are Completely Out of Control -- Max 1267 12:32 AM
Right Wing News: WHAT!? Minority Employees Accuse Kellogg’s of Racism, Using The N-Word, And Photo Of A Baboon -- Max 690 12:30 AM
Imgur: When you peak in middle school -- Max 1259 12:28 AM
Funsterz: People Reveal What Turned Their Day Into The Worst Day Ever -- Max 1052 12:25 AM
Cracked: 6 Scenes Added To Movies To Say ‘F*ck You’ To Real People -- Max 1629 12:22 AM
Bad Sentinel: Funny snapchats that are worth wasting your time in -- Max 873 12:20 AM
Likes: Dad Passes Away Before Baby's Born. They Take Photo of Baby Being Held by His Motorcycle Globes -- Max 700 12:18 AM
Radass: Human Jets Casually Fly Along Side French Air Force in Amazing Stunt -- Max 670 12:16 AM
9gag: Some things never change! -- Max 1104 12:15 AM
Right Wing News: The Blessing of Trump’s Victory and the Importance of Pressing On -- Max 347 12:14 AM
College Humor: When You Can't Afford To Take A Sick Day -- Max 882 12:13 AM
Thought Catalog: To The Girl Who Won’t Move On Because She’s Afraid That There Would Be No One Else -- Max 958 12:12 AM
The Last Tradition: Obama never had the knowledge or sophistication to make the Carrier deal like Donald Trump -- Max 605 12:10 AM
Barnorama: 22 of the Worst Roommates Ever -- Max 1063 12:08 AM
The Chive: These are the highest paid movie stars in the US for 2016 -- Max 644 12:07 AM
Caveman Circus: Hot Instagram Babe Of The Day: Courtney Allegra -- Max 846 12:04 AM
Hollywood Tuna: Jessica Goicoechea Will Blow Your Pants Off -- Max 965 12:03 AM
G Celeb: Emily Ratajkowski’s Shirt Was See-Through -- Max 1082 12:02 AM
Drunken Stepfather: Courtney Sixx Bikini Photoshoot of the Day -- Max 1068 12:01 AM
Yes Bitch: Silvia Caruso Will Blow Your Pants Off -- Max 939 12:01 AM
Classy Bro: The Sexiest Micro Bikini Twins in Australia -- Max 1774 12:00 AM
 December 1st, 2016 Hits Link Time
Buzz Feed: 20 Of The Silliest Reasons People Had To Take Their Pet To The Vet -- Max 835 12:42 AM
The Chive: A few terrifying statistics about cell phone addiction -- Max 865 12:39 AM
Acid Cow: Surprising Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Jennifer Aniston -- Max 1593 12:37 AM
Ebaums World: Worst Body Tattoos That Give A Lifetime Of Regret -- Max 1136 12:35 AM
Funsterz: No One Is Going To Argue With These Undeniable Truths -- Max 1666 12:32 AM
Director Blue: COEXIST: Muslim Refugee Brings Terror to Ohio State -- Max 404 12:30 AM
Bro My God: Creepiest Pictures That Are Scarier Than A Horror Movie -- Max 1388 12:27 AM
Hotair: Here we go: Lindsey Graham drafting bill to legalize DREAMers who are subject to Obama’s executive amnesty -- Max 384 12:25 AM
Boredom Therapy: Great Dane Helps Disabled 11-Year-Old Girl Take Her First Steps In 9 Years -- Max 576 12:22 AM
Right Wing News: The Absurdity of ‘Unity’ -- Max 517 12:20 AM
Bad Sentinel: These people know how to turn terrible situations to hardcore awesomeness -- Max 1115 12:18 AM
Diply: 11 Celebs Who Were Best Friends Before They Were Famous -- Max 915 12:17 AM
Classy Bro: Watch This Heartbreaking Acura NSX Crash -- Max 737 12:13 AM
Moon Battery: High-Profile Personages Praise Memory of Dead Tyrant -- Max 355 12:11 AM
Caveman Circus: A Few Answers To Questions You Always Wondered About -- Max 1350 12:10 AM
Imgur: Always bring a banana to a party -- Max 955 12:09 AM
Likes: This is Why Some People Have Those Little Holes Above Their Ears -- Max 1167 12:07 AM
Right Wing News: Apparently Enough Guns Were Sold On Black Friday To Arm The Marine Corps! -- Max 474 12:06 AM
Drunken Stepfather: Katy Perry Monster Tits for the Snowflake ball -- Max 2048 12:05 AM
Radass: I’ve Always Been A Sucker For Girls With Dimples -- Max 1073 12:04 AM
Celebslam: Model at Midnight: Macrielena Velez Sanchez -- Max 880 12:03 AM
Regretful Morning: 28 Pics of Girls Tugging Their Clothes Off -- Max 1306 12:02 AM
Yes Bitch: Silvia Caruso Pictures Will Induce A Drool-Fest -- Max 1055 12:01 AM
Hollywood Tuna: Elyse Knowles Will Blow Your Pants Off -- Max 1009 12:00 AM
 November 30th, 2016 Hits Link Time
Boing Boing: Smartphone microscope and app for testing your sperm -- Max 815 12:32 AM
Regretful Morning: 24 Random Fun Facts For Wednesday Morning -- Max 2036 12:30 AM
Coed: College Football Playoff Top 25 Rankings, Week 14: Uncertainty Abound Ahead Of Final Rankings -- Max 561 12:29 AM
Bad Sentinel: When sh!t hits the fan and you can’t avoid it -- Max 1789 12:28 AM
Right Wing News: Hillary rumored to be considering another go at the White House in 2020 -- Max 580 12:27 AM
Buzz Feed: 39 Questions We Still Have For The “Gilmore Girls” Revival After Watching -- Max 389 12:24 AM
Bro My God: Awkward Newspaper Headlines That Were Unintentionally Funny -- Max 995 12:22 AM
College Humor: Your Problems Now vs 100 Years Ago -- Max 1859 12:21 AM
Classy Bro: The Worlds Most Expensive Police Cars -- Max 650 12:20 AM
The Chive: People are predicting what will happen in 2017 -- Max 1021 12:19 AM
Right Wing News: AMERICA GREAT AGAIN: CARRIER STAYS: The Trump Effect rolls on -- Max 330 12:18 AM
The Last Tradition: A Little Night Music- Method Man, Redman - Da Rockwilder -- Max 255 12:17 AM
Funsterz: 14 Fascinating Facts About People, Places And Things -- Max 1445 12:16 AM
Life Buzz: 7 Important Things To Remember When You’re Having A Shower -- Max 1205 12:14 AM
Hotair: Grumpy McCain: I have more important things to do than comment on what Trump says -- Max 275 12:13 AM
Caveman Circus: A Few Tips, Tricks And Hacks That Will Make Your Life A Whole Lot Easier -- Max 1376 12:12 AM
Diply: 8 Sets Of Eyes We Could Get Lost In -- Max 867 12:11 AM
Funtasticus: The Cool, The Funny And The Interesting -- Max 1010 12:10 AM
Imgur: Grew a beard and lost 31 pounds -- Max 833 12:10 AM
Director Blue: PURE EVIL: A horrifying look at 9/11’s mastermind, in his own words -- Max 730 12:09 AM
Bright Side: Then vs. Now: What Boy Bands of the ’90s Look Like Today -- Max 654 12:08 AM
Yes Bitch: Bella Thorne Poses for Mario Testino’s Towel Series -- Max 1624 12:05 AM
Hollywood Tuna: Monica Orlanda In A Bikini Is Amazing -- Max 1209 12:04 AM
Lurk And Perv: Hot Instagram Pictures Of Pia Muehlenbeck -- Max 1042 12:03 AM
Celebslam: Holy shit, Demi Rose -- Max 1378 12:02 AM
G Celeb: Kristen Stewart in a Mesh Shirt & Unbuttoned Pants -- Max 1172 12:01 AM
Drunken Stepfather: Jessica Chastain Cleavage of the Day -- Max 1178 12:00 AM
 November 29th, 2016 Hits Link Time
wwtdd: Amber Heard Comes Out Against Domestic Violence -- Max 658 12:55 AM
TMZ: Amber Heard Paid ACLU $350,000 -- Max 799 12:53 AM
Bad Sentinel: People who know exactly how to play with statues -- Max 743 12:51 AM
The Blemish: Kylie Jenner Accused of Ripping Off Holiday Makeup Line Promo Image -- Max 379 12:50 AM
Bro My God: 3 Simple And Fun Life Hacks By Mr Gear -- Max 1325 12:48 AM
Director Blue: THE SO-CALLED WISCONSIN RECOUNT: "Appalling and Tryannical" -- Max 1308 12:45 AM
Ebaums World: iPhone 7 vs World's Strongest Acid -- Max 574 12:38 AM
Bored Panda: Woman Shocked After Realizing Her $700 Hairless Sphynx Cat Is Actually A Regular Cat That Was Shaved -- Max 991 12:34 AM
Funsterz: Russia Is A Special Place That Will Make You Say WTF -- Max 1223 12:29 AM
Bright Side: 16 Texts That Tell Us How Hard It Is to Be a Girl -- Max 1467 12:25 AM
Right Wing News: Clinton Said Not Accepting Election Results Was ‘Horrifying’ -- Max 483 12:24 AM
Caveman Circus: A Damn Fine Collection Of Fascinating Photos And Videos -- Max 1397 12:21 AM
The Chive: Guys blocking traffic get a little dose of New York karma -- Max 1493 12:19 AM
Radass: Shoppers Demolish Nike Store in Black Friday Rage -- Max 546 12:16 AM
Furious Fanboys: Supergirl: Part 1 of the 4 part DC Crossover Week Begins! -- Max 397 12:15 AM
Emgn: 14 Things You Are Doing That Are Destroying Your iPhone -- Max 988 12:14 AM
Funtasticus: The Daily Random -- Max 1001 12:12 AM
Buzz Feed: 16 Photos That Will Make You Laugh, Cry, And Feel Better -- Max 1108 12:09 AM
Right Wing News: The Movie “Home Alone with” Competent Robbers -- Max 611 12:07 AM
Hollywood Tuna: Emily Ratajkowski In Sexy Lingerie -- Max 1376 12:04 AM
Regretful Morning: 50 of The Best Butts You’re Bound To Bookmark -- Max 1395 12:03 AM
Drunken Stepfather: Farah Holt Ass for Some Brand of the Day -- Max 1198 12:02 AM
Yes Bitch: Lindsay Hancock Is Hotter Than Your Girlfriend -- Max 1203 12:01 AM
G Celeb: Charlotte McKinney Was at the Beach -- Max 1083 12:00 AM
 November 28th, 2016 Hits Link Time
Likes: Weird Things We Spotted In The Backgrounds Of Movies -- Max 2336 12:42 AM
Caveman Circus: A Few Clips Guaranteed To Make You Feel Better About Life -- Max 958 12:40 AM
Runt: 36 Amazon Products For People Who Have Too Much Money -- Max 1272 12:37 AM
Regretful Morning: 16 Stupid but Funny Billboards -- Max 1395 12:34 AM
Listverse: 10 Bizarre Crusades Forgotten By History -- Max 2003 12:31 AM
Funsterz: Real Thoughts We’ve All Had While We Were At Work -- Max 1144 12:28 AM
Maxim: Meet the 12 Most Badass Bikes on the Planet -- Max 838 12:27 AM
Right Wing News: Recount All You Want but Mob Rule Will Not Prevail -- Max 648 12:26 AM
Barnorama: Parenting Hacks That No Parent Should Live Without -- Max 965 12:25 AM
The Last Tradition: What a Moron: Thousands BOO Colin Kaepernick in Miami after he PRAISED Fidel Castro hours before his death, wore a shirt with Cuban dictator's face -- Max 524 12:22 AM
Imgur: 10 movies you might have mithed -- Max 984 12:20 AM
The Things: 15 DIY Projects To Make For The Cottage This Winter -- Max 994 12:18 AM
Buzz Feed: How Awkward Are You When You Try To Flirt? -- Max 751 12:16 AM
Hotair: Trump hits Hillary on hypocrisy of joining recount effort -- Max 304 12:14 AM
Bad Sentinel: Old video games that will bring some nostalgic memories -- Max 503 12:13 AM
Right Wing News: California Commie: Barbara Lee Praises Fidel Castro And His Revolution -- Max 341 12:11 AM
The Chive: Fascinating facts about your 5 senses -- Max 1009 12:10 AM
Gunaxin: Top 25 Most Valuable Basketball Cards -- Max 458 12:08 AM
Acid Cow: Russia Is A Special Place That Will Make You Say WTF -- Max 1063 12:07 AM
Director Blue: OBAMA ANONYMOUS: Community Organizing to Continue From Outside the White House -- Max 357 12:06 AM
Bro My God: Did Someone Say They Love Lingerie? -- Max 1474 12:04 AM
G Celeb: Kristen Stewart Wearing Lace Stockings for Chanel -- Max 1192 12:03 AM
Hollywood Tuna: Instagram Model Gabby Epstein Looks Like She Works Hard -- Max 1037 12:02 AM
Yes Bitch: Sommer Ray Gets Nice And Wet -- Max 1259 12:01 AM
Drunken Stepfather: Toni Garrn and Sara Sampaio Caribbean Vacation -- Max 1130 12:00 AM
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