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 July 31st, 2007 Hits Comments Time
culture Hollywood Tuna: Stacy Keibler bikini pictures!!! -- John_Hawkins 3478 0 12:43 AM
religion Little Green Footballs: Is it ok to kill children and rape women? Islamic spiritual leader: yes. -- John_Hawkins 957 0 12:39 AM
elections Fred Thompson: Eminent domain. -- John_Hawkins 951 0 12:39 AM
domestic policy Blogs for Bush: Liberal areas in the US have lower birth rates than conservative areas. -- John_Hawkins 535 0 12:38 AM
foreign policy Redstate: Dem Whip says positive report from Petraeus would split Dem caucus -- John_Hawkins 538 0 12:37 AM
domestic policy Rolling Stone: Ethanol hurts the environment and is one of America's biggest political boondoggles. -- John_Hawkins 844 0 12:36 AM
republicans ABC News: FBI searches home of Alaska Sen. Stevens. -- John_Hawkins 399 0 12:35 AM
world IOL: A man who rented a new apartment found a dismembered dead body in the refrigerator. -- John_Hawkins 482 0 12:33 AM
democrats The Seattle Times: 42 tires slashed at Army recruiting office. -- John_Hawkins 844 0 12:31 AM
democrats Ace of Spades HQ: Olbermann airs "interesting theory" that Pat Tillman was victim of administration/Pentagon ordered political assassination. -- John_Hawkins 667 0 12:28 AM
democrats Patterico's Pontifications: Wonkette: We wish John Roberts would die. -- John_Hawkins 904 0 12:27 AM
domestic policy Power Line: The Senate owes Alberto Gonzales an apology. -- John_Hawkins 852 0 12:26 AM
domestic policy Pete Du Pont: Congress's energy policies would hinder America's economy. -- John_Hawkins 410 0 12:26 AM
domestic policy Star Tribune: Pro-illegal immigration protestors gather outside Norm Coleman's home the day before his father's burial (grotesque). -- John_Hawkins 669 0 12:24 AM
blogging Intellectual Conservative: Top 100 conservative political websites of 2007. -- John_Hawkins 1618 0 12:23 AM
religion New York Times: Letters from Hillary Clinton when she was a college student (Hillary admitted to being agnostic). -- John_Hawkins 522 0 12:19 AM
culture Hot Air: Video: A preview of the Iron Man movie. -- John_Hawkins 672 0 12:19 AM
culture NEWS.com.au: Paris Hilton loses inheritance. -- John_Hawkins 1079 0 12:18 AM
world Strategy Page: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad may be looking to 'wag the dog'. -- dawnsblood 617 0 12:02 AM
foreign policy Michael E. O’Hanlon and Kenneth M. Pollack: Even the New York Times seems to finally see that Iraq is winnable. I wonder how many Democrats are getting worried now. -- dawnsblood 531 0 12:01 AM
 July 30th, 2007 Hits Comments Time
culture Fox News: Judge orders man to clean vets' memorial with toothbrush for Iraq war memorial scam. -- John_Hawkins 718 0 12:19 AM
misc Educated Soldier: The website of the day is, "Educated Soldier." -- John_Hawkins 646 0 12:18 AM
world Reuters: Iraqi soccer team wins the Asian cup. -- John_Hawkins 353 0 12:17 AM
domestic policy Mark Steyn: Swat somebody's butt, and yours belongs to the the D.A. -- John_Hawkins 1059 0 12:16 AM
culture Celebslam: Jerry Hall hits the beach in a bikini. -- John_Hawkins 1936 0 12:15 AM
world Dr. Melissa Clouthier: What's so bad about Communism? -- John_Hawkins 1152 0 12:14 AM
culture Dr. Helen: I didn't think anybody was stupid enough to try to kill anybody over an internet fight. I was wrong. -- John_Hawkins 700 0 12:13 AM
blogging Freakonomics: Sure we'll interview you -- for only $3,995. -- John_Hawkins 712 0 12:12 AM
media The Foxhole: Update on The New Republic’s ‘Man in Iraq.’ -- John_Hawkins 967 0 12:11 AM
elections Tammy Bruce: Romney makes noise about ending anchor baby rule. -- John_Hawkins 623 0 12:10 AM
media Baldilocks: Milbloggers are chickenhawks? -- John_Hawkins 605 0 12:09 AM
blogging Little Green Footballs: Daily Kos: Martial law threat is real: Good thing the military is breaking down. -- John_Hawkins 775 0 12:08 AM
foreign policy Atlas Shrugs: Marine Colonel in Iraq asks for 6,000 positive emails to his Marines. -- John_Hawkins 1266 0 12:07 AM
foreign policy The Age: Freed Guantanamo inmates take up arms. -- John_Hawkins 1108 0 12:06 AM
culture Boing Boing: Origami Cthulhu. -- John_Hawkins 672 0 12:05 AM
blogging Jackson Miller: A big scary company is trying to sue me for something I did not do. -- John_Hawkins 1083 0 12:04 AM
media Advertising Age: MoveOn gets someone to bite on Faux Fox protest. -- John_Hawkins 746 0 12:03 AM
domestic policy Marginal Revolution: The economy in general and real wages in particular are really doing great. -- John_Hawkins 540 0 12:02 AM
republicans Fred Thompson: On federalism. -- dawnsblood 679 0 12:01 AM
culture News Of The World: Looking dead-eyed and disorientated, Britney Spears lost it during a video shoot and ended up "sobbing hysterically". -- John_Hawkins 798 0 12:00 AM
 July 27th, 2007 Hits Comments Time
misc Conservative Grapevine: CG returns on Monday. Until then, consider this to be an open thread, enjoy the links below, and have a great week-end! -- John_Hawkins 381 0 11:59 PM
culture TMZ: Lindsey Lohan apparently kidnapped three people before she started her car chase and boasted, "I can't get in trouble. I'm a celebrity. I can do whatever the f**k I want." -- John_Hawkins 1060 0 12:03 PM
media Redstate: Is the WaPo sending a fabulist to Iraq? -- John_Hawkins 658 0 11:51 AM
elections Townhall: John Edwards breaks wife's rib...getting it on! -- John_Hawkins 1428 0 11:21 AM
world The Daily Mail: Smoking just one cannabis joint raises danger of mental illness by 40%. -- John_Hawkins 908 0 10:58 AM
misc The United Food and Commercial Workers’ Exposed: The website of the day is, "UFCW Exposed." -- John_Hawkins 794 0 9:26 AM
democrats Michelle Malkin: ACORN falls again: The worst case of voter-registration fraud in Washington state history. -- John_Hawkins 1114 0 9:12 AM
world Victor Davis Hanson: Back to the future in the Middle East? -- John_Hawkins 861 0 7:34 AM
media Jack Kelly: Pvt. Beauchamp: In big trouble either way. -- John_Hawkins 1193 0 7:31 AM
culture The Superficial: Lots of pics of Anne Hathaway at the premier of her new movie. -- John_Hawkins 1718 0 7:22 AM
culture TMZ: Audio: The hysterical 911 call made by the woman Lindsey Lohan was following when she was arrested. -- John_Hawkins 877 0 7:20 AM
culture Mark Steyn: Steyn does a long rundown on Conrad Black's trial and conviction. -- John_Hawkins 432 0 7:16 AM
media Boing Boing: Weekly World News dies after 28 years of awesum, Bat Boy bummed. -- John_Hawkins 791 0 7:15 AM
culture Cassy Fiano: How to pick up chicks? I wouldn't let these guys pick me up if I fell down. -- John_Hawkins 1683 0 7:14 AM
democrats Vail Daily: After the Telluride Town Council called for the impeachment of Bush, hundreds of people canceled their vacations. -- John_Hawkins 1541 0 7:12 AM
culture Hugh Hewitt: Is "Scott Thomas" this war's John Kerry? -- John_Hawkins 547 0 7:11 AM
democrats James Taranto: Democrats go soft on crimes against humanity. -- John_Hawkins 559 0 7:11 AM
culture Diary of a Mad IT Manager: A pic of hot rifle toting Israeli girls buying ice cream. -- John_Hawkins 2114 0 7:08 AM
weird The Daily Mail: Grim rea-purr: The cat that can predict death -- John_Hawkins 514 0 7:06 AM
weird The Malaysia Sun: Lunar tourism threatens Neil Armstrong's urine bags! -- Danny_Carlton 538 0 7:06 AM
democrats Althouse: If a Democrat is elected President will they attempt to enlarge the Supreme Court to create a new majority? -- dawnsblood 692 0 7:03 AM
world David Gratzer: A Canadian doctor describes how socialized medicine doesn't work. -- DANEgerus 1157 0 6:59 AM
 July 26th, 2007 Hits Comments Time
media Redstate: Breaking: Scott Thomas revealed! -- John_Hawkins 699 0 12:56 PM
domestic policy The Club For Growth: Could the conservative bloggers that voted against free trade in this Right Wing News poll explain their positions? -- John_Hawkins 472 0 12:49 PM
domestic policy The Corner: The GOP is about to shove through a bill in the Senate that will improve border security and increase deportations. -- John_Hawkins 644 0 12:47 PM
world The Straight Dope: Oh, Smedley: Was there really a fascist plot to overthrow the United States government? -- John_Hawkins 1573 0 2:41 AM
elections Sister Toldjah: John Edwards’ phoneyism. -- John_Hawkins 1324 0 1:43 AM
culture The Hill: The 50 most beautiful people on Capitol Hill. -- John_Hawkins 1094 0 1:32 AM
republicans Rep. John Boehner: Lessons learned: Republicans returning to our core principles. -- John_Hawkins 700 0 12:11 AM
misc Amber Lee Online: The homepage of Amber Lee Ettinger AKA as the Obama girl. (Oooh, hot) -- John_Hawkins 1448 0 12:09 AM
elections Breitbart TV: Video: Is ‘Obama Girl’ portrayer a true Obama supporter? -- John_Hawkins 554 0 12:09 AM
elections Ann Coulter: Obama hails a unicorn. -- John_Hawkins 1536 0 12:08 AM
culture Celeb Slam: Jessica Alba hits the beach in a bikini. -- John_Hawkins 2392 0 12:07 AM
elections Iowa Votes 2008: Duncan Hunter wins the Iowa votes 2008 making the grade challenge. -- John_Hawkins 442 0 12:06 AM
culture YouTube: YouTube video: Beyonce falls down stairs and begs her fans not to put it on YouTube. -- John_Hawkins 489 0 12:05 AM
elections Rasmussen Reports: Congressman Ron Paul attracts less than 35% against top Democrats -- John_Hawkins 388 0 12:04 AM
elections MSNBC: Ron Paul kooks harass Fred Thompson. -- John_Hawkins 586 0 12:03 AM
culture TMZ: Britney Spears disastrous photo shoot. -- John_Hawkins 1575 0 12:02 AM
humor IMAO: The Frank J. take on the Democratic debate is much more interesting than the real thing. -- dawnsblood 1086 0 12:02 AM
democrats The Washington Times: Democratic rep. Rahm Emanuel says the Democrats won't try to deal with immigration reform until 2012 at the earliest. -- John_Hawkins 790 0 12:01 AM
humor Ace of Spades: A guest editorial by "Dr Ron Paul". He wants to know why everyone thinks he is a Truther. -- dawnsblood 513 0 12:01 AM
 July 25th, 2007 Hits Comments Time
media Mackubin Thomas Owens: Stephen Glass meets the Winter Soldiers at the New Republic. -- John_Hawkins 735 0 10:16 AM
democrats The Campaign Spot: Democrats love to meet with dictators who hate America. Just look at the pictures. -- John_Hawkins 1118 0 10:02 AM
elections Wizbang: Americans tend to prefer the candidate with the least amount of experience in Washington for President. -- John_Hawkins 986 0 9:37 AM
foreign policy The New York Post: Are Americans having a change of heart over the war in Iraq? -- John_Hawkins 1121 0 7:48 AM
elections Race 4 2008: Duncan Hunter 3rd blogger’s teleconference call recap. -- John_Hawkins 425 0 7:38 AM
elections Zombietime: Topless protest by Breasts Not Bombs and Code Pink at Hillary Clinton campaign launch party (w/ pics of unattractive liberal activists topless) -- John_Hawkins 1279 0 7:10 AM
humor IMAO: The top 15 reasons why dozens of Iraqis stopped working in low-level positions for Al Qaeda. -- John_Hawkins 1434 0 7:07 AM
foreign policy Strategy Page: Since the surge began four months ago, Iraqi deaths have declined by more than 50%, and American casualties are down by over a third. -- John_Hawkins 565 0 7:05 AM
foreign policy Bret Stephens: Syria occupies Lebanon. Again. -- John_Hawkins 472 0 7:04 AM
foreign policy YouTube: Video: "George Patton's" new speech on the war on terror. -- John_Hawkins 814 0 7:03 AM
culture The Skinny Website: Madonna's freaky and disgusting muscular arms (w/pic). -- John_Hawkins 4646 0 7:02 AM
elections Pajamas Media: Video: an interview with Mitt Romney. -- John_Hawkins 377 0 7:01 AM
elections Mac Johnson: The first ever incredible earth-shattering CNN you boob debate. -- John_Hawkins 757 0 7:01 AM
blogging PC World: PC industry 'Disappointed' with Vista. -- John_Hawkins 965 0 7:00 AM
media The Corner: A dangerous attack on free speech has been aimed at the Daily Kos. -- John_Hawkins 900 0 6:59 AM
humor Cracked: 6 movie formulas that must be stopped. -- Big_Mo 1807 0 6:58 AM
foreign policy Michael Totten: On the ground in Baghdad, Michael tags along with 82nd and describes effects of the surge in one neighborhood. -- dawnsblood 656 0 6:55 AM
 July 24th, 2007 Hits Comments Time
democrats CNN: Transcript of the Democratic debate. -- John_Hawkins 407 0 6:55 AM
blogging Flopping Aces: Ken Layne from Wonkette threatened Flopping Aces with a libel suit after he pointed out that a Wonkette post was anti-Semitic. -- John_Hawkins 872 0 6:52 AM
culture Gizmodo: An armed gang of four kidnapped one of the world's top RPG gamers after one criminal's girlfriend lured him into a fake date. -- John_Hawkins 1006 0 6:51 AM
media The NY Post: A top editor at the New York Times called someone a f*g at an office party. -- John_Hawkins 1132 0 6:50 AM
blogging Cold Fury: Mike’s wife Christiana was killed Friday afternoon while riding her Sportster. That's terrible news. My condolences. -- John_Hawkins 960 0 6:49 AM
culture TMZ: Rehab does Lindsey Lohan good! Va va voom! (W/ very hot bikini pic) -- John_Hawkins 3476 0 6:46 AM
culture Boing Boing: Fake ATM receipts for sale. -- John_Hawkins 809 0 6:46 AM
humor Rachel Lucas: Video: FALCOR! (I thought this was really funny, but you may or may not) -- John_Hawkins 712 0 6:44 AM
democrats Newsmax: Rep. Rangel earmarks funds for his own building. -- John_Hawkins 477 0 6:43 AM
democrats Amanda Carpenter: Harry Reid stops pay raises, equipment upgrades, a and new program to treat traumatic brain injuries for the troops. -- John_Hawkins 589 0 6:40 AM
media Media Blog: More of uproar has been made over the New York Times revealing Harry Potter's secrets than our national defense secrets. -- John_Hawkins 500 0 6:39 AM
republicans American Research Group: George Bush's approval -- 25%, disapproval 71% -- John_Hawkins 412 0 6:39 AM
elections The Palmetto Scoop: The top 5 Mike Gravel YouTube moments. -- John_Hawkins 736 0 6:38 AM
domestic policy Don Surber: Welfare for dead farmers. -- John_Hawkins 535 0 6:38 AM
democrats NewsBusters: Juan Williams says Daily Kos in political center. -- John_Hawkins 1238 0 6:37 AM
culture Times Online: 100 million read daily jottings of ‘ordinary’ star on her blog in China. -- John_Hawkins 547 0 6:36 AM
democrats Paul Mulshine: Michael Moore's the real sicko. -- John_Hawkins 754 0 6:35 AM
democrats Constitutionally Right: The race and sex of candidates should not be a prevelant part to a presidential debate. -- ConservativeRight 368 0 6:34 AM
democrats John Yoo: The Democrats' attack on executive privilege shows blatant disregard for the Constitution. -- ConservativeRight 514 0 12:32 AM
 July 23rd, 2007 Hits Comments Time
foreign policy Monsters and Critics: US forces stormed an Iraqi Interior Ministry prison in west Baghdad on Saturday, freed a number of prisoners and arrested six Iraqi officers -- John_Hawkins 1042 0 7:25 AM
world The Times Online: Al-Qaeda faces rebellion from the ranks after they begin cutting off people's faces with piano wire. -- John_Hawkins 1037 0 7:12 AM
democrats Ace of Spades HQ: That deleted Daily Kos post about the military turning soldiers into serial killers. -- John_Hawkins 855 0 6:14 AM
elections Christopher Caldwell: The antiwar, anti-abortion, anti-drug-enforcement-administration, anti-medicare candidacy of Dr. Ron Paul (Free NYT reg req) -- John_Hawkins 733 0 6:07 AM
democrats Robert Novak: Harry Reid's hamhanded leadership and stripping of earmarks rules make him the shame of the Senate. -- John_Hawkins 879 0 5:55 AM
culture Myron Magnet: Elite hypocrisy, gangsta culture, and failure in black America. -- John_Hawkins 909 0 5:51 AM
culture X17: A Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan montage with bikini shots. -- John_Hawkins 1898 0 5:49 AM
culture Best Week Ever: The 10 best Simpsons endings of all time. -- John_Hawkins 1031 0 5:48 AM
world The Times Online: An interview with John Bolton: Does Britain really want to be Belgium? -- John_Hawkins 756 0 5:47 AM
domestic policy Republican Senator Kit Bond: Yes, we’re safer (Free New York Times reg req). -- John_Hawkins 348 0 5:46 AM
world Mark Steyn: Look who's holding hostages again. -- John_Hawkins 963 0 5:44 AM
elections Newsmax: Obama's girls ask Mom about the 'Obama Girl.' -- John_Hawkins 634 0 5:41 AM
foreign policy Iraqslogger: Iraqi Prime Minister calls on MPs to cancel or shorten month-long summer recess. -- John_Hawkins 306 0 5:40 AM
culture The Daily Mail: The strange and lonely life of Paris Hilton. -- John_Hawkins 1002 0 5:39 AM
republicans The Orlando Sentinel: Mel Martinez's supporters start to bail out, poll finds. -- John_Hawkins 526 0 5:38 AM
humor IMAO: America can't win the war on steam. -- John_Hawkins 808 0 5:37 AM
democrats The Daily Kos: JetBlue, after deciding to resist Bill O'Reilly's pressure last night, just decided to back down on sponsoring us. -- John_Hawkins 598 0 5:36 AM
culture Foreign Policy: A list of the world's stupidest Fatwas. It runs the gamut from breastfeeding to Pokemon. -- dawnsblood 777 0 5:33 AM
democrats Don Surber: Democrats ‘achieve' 14 percent approval. -- John_Hawkins 583 0 5:33 AM
foreign policy One News Now: Lt. Col. Robert "Buzz" Patterson claims anti-war groups, United for Peace & Justice and CODEPINK: Women for Peace, gave money to terrorists in Iraq. -- John_Hawkins 637 0 5:30 AM
 July 20th, 2007 Hits Comments Time
misc Conservative Grapevine: CG returns on Monday. Until then, enjoy the links below, consider this to be an open thread, and have a great week-end. -- John_Hawkins 402 0 11:26 PM
culture Luke Ford: Blogger threatened with lawsuit for posting a woman's allegations about her husband's abuse. -- John_Hawkins 575 0 11:00 PM
culture Alarming News: A yearly love letter to America from an immigrant on the anniversary of the day she became an American citizen. -- John_Hawkins 860 0 3:57 PM
elections Townhall: B. Hussein Obama: Genocide in Iraq is A-Ok with me! -- John_Hawkins 625 0 1:28 PM
media The Smoking Gun: Cleveland pol sends drug suspect profanity-filled letter. -- John_Hawkins 650 0 1:15 PM
media The Weekly Standard: Is the New Republic's slur on US troops in Iraq fact or fiction? It looks like fiction. -- John_Hawkins 975 0 12:59 PM
elections The Palmetto Scoop: The latest South Carolina poll results: Rudy: 28%, McCain: 20%, Thompson: 17%, Gingrich: 6%, Romney: 4% -- John_Hawkins 412 0 11:41 AM
foreign policy Victor Davis Hanson: Ripples of retreat. Dark predictions for a post-withdrawal world. -- John_Hawkins 937 0 9:29 AM
foreign policy Investor's Business Daily: Petraeus is talking; Is anyone listening? -- John_Hawkins 533 0 9:28 AM
elections The Washington Times: Money said poor predictor of candidate's nomination. -- John_Hawkins 469 0 9:26 AM
humor Mary Katharine Ham: Video: The John Edwards road to one America poverty tour! -- John_Hawkins 537 0 9:10 AM
foreign policy Polipundit: Pentagon tells Hillary she’s boosting enemy propaganda. -- John_Hawkins 606 0 9:05 AM
blogging Michelle Malkin: JetBlue backs away from Kos. -- John_Hawkins 1228 0 7:12 AM
elections Move America Forward: Cindy Sheehan: Gathering of Eagles’ patriots are “Nazis.” -- John_Hawkins 1054 0 7:00 AM
media Heather Mac Donald: When newspapers and black leaders assault the police, small wonder that criminals follow suit. -- John_Hawkins 801 0 6:47 AM
foreign policy Charles Krauthammer: Now, an American vision for Iraq. -- John_Hawkins 765 0 6:43 AM
world Memri: Arab Columnist: Let's accept the truth of our own defeats -- John_Hawkins 830 0 6:37 AM
culture The Superficial: Britney Spears hits the beach in her underwear. -- John_Hawkins 3096 0 6:33 AM
culture The Skinny Website: Hot or not: Tara Reid in a Bikini? -- John_Hawkins 2552 0 6:31 AM
culture GlossLip: Paris Hilton has a wardrobe malfunction at the beach. -- John_Hawkins 2750 0 6:29 AM
culture CelebSlam: Sara Sidle from CSI goes surfing -- in a bikini. -- John_Hawkins 2174 0 6:27 AM
culture BlogFemale: Gorgeous Denise Richards has hired a $50,000 matchmaker to help her find love -- John_Hawkins 1037 0 6:21 AM
elections Heading Right: A transcript of Ed Morrissey's interview with John McCain. -- John_Hawkins 287 0 6:21 AM
democrats Senator James Inhofe: Iraq and the Democrats 24 hour gimmick-a-thon. -- Michael_Illions 516 0 6:20 AM
culture Soldier's Angels: They are looking for donations to support the 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit. -- dawnsblood 483 0 6:18 AM
 July 19th, 2007 Hits Comments Time
religion Mike Adams: I don’t need church to lead a moral life. -- John_Hawkins 928 0 11:45 AM
blogging Hot Air: Video: Mary Katharine Ham talks girl fights, ripping out weaves, and hot ghetto messes on O'Reilly. -- John_Hawkins 733 0 10:16 AM
culture TMZ: Nick Nolte stunned travelers at the Kauai Airport this week -- by passing out drunk?? on the terminal floor! (w/pics) -- John_Hawkins 1478 0 10:09 AM
foreign policy Dick Morris & Eileen McGann: We're not leaving Iraq. -- John_Hawkins 836 0 8:39 AM
domestic policy The New York Press: Laughing in the face of 9/11 conspiracy theorists. -- John_Hawkins 1613 0 6:53 AM
foreign policy Hugh Hewitt: Hugh interviews General David Petraeus on the conditions on the ground in Iraq. -- John_Hawkins 397 0 5:52 AM
environment Excite: Moving larvae take up residence in man's head -- John_Hawkins 573 0 5:30 AM
media The Weekly Standard: Is the New Republican making things up in Iraq? -- John_Hawkins 670 0 5:21 AM
culture The Skinny Website: Paris Hilton hits the beach with a leopard print one piece. -- John_Hawkins 2169 0 5:13 AM
democrats The Hill: Dems no longer support cutting earmarks now that they're in the majority. -- John_Hawkins 475 0 4:55 AM
domestic policy Lou Dobbs: Time to free Ramos and Compean. -- John_Hawkins 467 0 4:32 AM
domestic policy The Wall Street Journal: Hackers can now deliver viruses via web ads. -- John_Hawkins 739 0 4:04 AM
foreign policy Ann Coulter: The 'bumper sticker' that blows up. -- John_Hawkins 1649 0 4:03 AM
elections Robert Novak: State Atty. Gen. Jon Bruning (R) doubled Sen. Chuck Hagel's (R-Neb.) fundraising in the second quarter and ends with a significant cash advantage. -- John_Hawkins 512 0 4:01 AM
culture Sky News: A man faces the death penalty after being found guilty of feeding a five-year-old girl to alligators in Florida -- John_Hawkins 1100 0 3:59 AM
democrats Don Surber: Robert Byrd says it's fine for Iraq to become a failed state and a haven for terrorists. -- John_Hawkins 635 0 3:58 AM
world Pejman Yousefzadeh: White House LOST at Sea. -- John_Hawkins 366 0 3:57 AM
domestic policy Deport Them Now!: The website of the day is, "Deport Them Now!" -- John_Hawkins 642 0 3:56 AM
democrats ABCnews.com: Barack Obama channels Joycelyn Elders and says sex ed in Kindergarten is the "right thing to do" as long as it is "age appropriate." -- Big_Mo 594 0 2:11 AM
 July 18th, 2007 Hits Comments Time
foreign policy Newsmax: Gen. Peter Pace sees positive 'Sea Change' in Iraq. -- John_Hawkins 478 0 8:36 AM
democrats WorldNetDaily: Diane Feinstein to Bush: Free Ramos, Compean. Decides after Senate hearing to ask president to commute sentences -- John_Hawkins 692 0 8:11 AM
religion Cassy Fiano: Britain says no to student's Christian purity ring -- John_Hawkins 746 0 8:08 AM
misc Media Mythbusters: The website of the day is, "Media Mythbusters." -- John_Hawkins 1061 0 7:43 AM
culture Hollywood Tuna: Kim Kardashian hits the beach in a bikini. -- John_Hawkins 2917 0 6:47 AM
democrats The Hill: Republicans call for reprimand of Ellison -- John_Hawkins 680 0 6:45 AM
world Yahoo! News: U.N. confirms North Korea nuclear shutdown. -- John_Hawkins 332 0 6:37 AM
domestic policy John Stossel: Where Michael Moore is wrong. -- John_Hawkins 1426 0 6:31 AM
domestic policy Amanda Carpenter: Senate examines Compean and Ramos sentence -- John_Hawkins 457 0 6:21 AM
elections Hot Air: Cutting through the spin on Ron Paul's latest kooky outburst. -- John_Hawkins 638 0 6:20 AM
misc Inside Charm City: Why I got my gallbladder ripped out. -- John_Hawkins 809 0 6:18 AM
culture Trying To Grok: The piece of crap list. -- John_Hawkins 1212 0 6:18 AM
republicans Michelle Malkin: O’Reilly Factor takes on JetBlue’s sponsorship of nutroots-fest W/ photshopped JetBlue designs. -- John_Hawkins 875 0 6:17 AM
humor IMAO: Frank ideas for President Bush now that he no longer has to worry about public opinion. -- John_Hawkins 1032 0 6:16 AM
culture The New York Post: Jon Lovitz roughed up Andy Dick over the murder of their "Saturday Night Live" colleague, Phil Hartman. -- John_Hawkins 1422 0 6:10 AM
world Captain's Quarters: George Galloway gets suspended from the House of Commons over 'Oil for Food'. Norm Coleman was right all along. -- dawnsblood 628 0 6:02 AM
 July 17th, 2007 Hits Comments Time
culture The Corner: The last chapter of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was posted online. A Bat-Bogey Hex upon whoever posted it! -- sarahk 710 0 10:57 AM
elections FSM: An interview with Duncan Hunter. -- John_Hawkins 455 0 9:32 AM
humor Fark: Photoshop theme: Kid's movies... if they were directed by an emo director. -- John_Hawkins 896 0 8:40 AM
democrats Debbie Schlussel: The new McCarthyism: Lefty witchhunt against MinuteMan's appointment to Parks Board. -- John_Hawkins 621 0 8:14 AM
world The Sun: Iran is found to be a lair of Al Qaeda. -- John_Hawkins 510 0 8:02 AM
republicans Newsbusters: Bill O’Reilly takes on JetBlue’s sponsorship of Daily Kos convention. -- John_Hawkins 955 0 7:05 AM
media FrontPageMag: Some leading MSM outlets are misreporting Ann Coulter's remarks about John Edwards, including the NBC, CNN, The Washington Post's and MSNBC -- John_Hawkins 623 0 6:52 AM
culture The New York Post: 9/11 skeptics' lunatic fringe. Targets victim's widow. -- John_Hawkins 1079 0 6:48 AM
world Mark Steyn: A habitable world. -- John_Hawkins 1082 0 5:52 AM
elections WorldNetDaily: Hillary calls claim of felony 'fantasy'. Says evidence in video 'much ado about nothing.' -- John_Hawkins 1105 0 5:43 AM
blogging Business Week: Hot Air and Michelle Malkin.com operate at a loss? -- John_Hawkins 950 0 5:10 AM
elections The Politico: Romney spent $300 on makeup 'consulting.' -- John_Hawkins 308 0 5:04 AM
domestic policy Ace of Spades HQ: Judge: Rape victim cannot use word "rape" in own testimony; must use word "sex." -- John_Hawkins 838 0 4:26 AM
culture Celebslam: Chatting with Lindsey Lohan about naked pics stolen from her computer + bikini pics of Lindsey. -- John_Hawkins 1920 0 4:18 AM
republicans Amanda Carpenter: AC's first vlog for Townhall. -- John_Hawkins 415 0 3:43 AM
humor IMAO: Everything you need to know about Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in a single motivational poster. -- John_Hawkins 1457 0 3:42 AM
republicans William J. Bennett & Seth Leibsohn: Leadership challenge. What the Republican candidates for president need to do right now. -- John_Hawkins 415 0 3:39 AM
humor The Onion: John Edwards vows to end all bad things by 2011. -- John_Hawkins 851 0 3:38 AM
misc MSNBC: Couple fights loss of home over $1.63. Misdirected property tax bill unpaid, leading to ‘7 years of emotional hell’ -- John_Hawkins 648 0 3:30 AM
 July 16th, 2007 Hits Comments Time
environment Frank Pastore: Three Questions for Al Gore and The Live Earth Hystericals. -- John_Hawkins 1505 0 6:46 AM
foreign policy Breitbart: IAEA confirms N. Korea has shut down reactor. -- John_Hawkins 376 0 6:04 AM
religion WorldNetDaily: Christian group locked out of Florida university. Lawsuit alleges discrimination against support group for believers. -- John_Hawkins 972 0 4:52 AM
democrats MSNBC: Democratic state senator in Washington accidentally runs over his 1 year old granddaughter with his car and kills her. -- John_Hawkins 1181 0 4:49 AM
media Antony Jay: A former BBC producer talks about how their liberal bias affected the news. -- John_Hawkins 998 0 12:58 AM
foreign policy Stop The ACLU: Meet the Reaper: it's the military's new plane that goes 300 MPH, carries a ton and a half of bombs, and is piloted by remoted control. -- John_Hawkins 1100 0 12:54 AM
world David Whitehouse: The truth is, when it comes to global warming, we can't ignore the sun. -- John_Hawkins 902 0 12:45 AM
democrats Iowa Voice: James Webb upset at Lindsey Graham because he says that he put, "political views into the mouths of soldiers." This is coming from James Webb? -- John_Hawkins 575 0 12:44 AM
elections WorldNetDaily: an interview with Tom Tancredo. -- John_Hawkins 465 0 12:43 AM
domestic policy Betsy's Page: A middle school in Richmond gave their graduating students a certificate with Karl Marx on it. -- John_Hawkins 1426 0 12:42 AM
misc Breitbart TV: Video: Adoption offers for Pitbull that sodomized toddler. -- John_Hawkins 680 0 12:41 AM
domestic policy The QandO Blog: Raise taxes -- slow the economy. -- John_Hawkins 722 0 12:41 AM
environment Slate: The disappearance of the honeybees isn't the end of the world. -- John_Hawkins 710 0 12:40 AM
domestic policy Michael Linton: Illegal immigration and our corruption. -- John_Hawkins 590 0 12:40 AM
republicans Frank Luntz: Way behind in the polls, the Republicans should exploit the anti-politician mood and offer a hopeful message. -- John_Hawkins 535 0 12:39 AM
culture X17: Cameron Diaz hits the beach in a bikini. -- John_Hawkins 2530 0 12:37 AM
foreign policy Herbert Meyer: The war about the war. -- John_Hawkins 609 0 12:36 AM
world Little Green Footballs: PFLP leader: 'Arafat died of AIDS.' -- John_Hawkins 1210 0 12:35 AM
misc MSNBC: Six months on, Vista users still griping. -- John_Hawkins 843 0 12:34 AM
democrats Cassy Fiano: Ted Rall has crossed the line too many times. -- John_Hawkins 931 0 12:34 AM
domestic policy Constitutionally Right: Identifying the root causes of poverty. -- ConservativeRight 729 0 12:33 AM
 July 13th, 2007 Hits Comments Time
misc Conservative Grapevine: CG returns on Monday. Until then, enjoy the links below, consider this to be an open thread, and have a great week-end! -- John_Hawkins 399 0 11:59 PM
elections Human Events: Duncan Hunter weighs in. -- John_Hawkins 752 0 8:26 AM
republicans Electric Venom: An interview with IMAO t-shirt babe and Conservative Grapevine poster, Sarahk. -- John_Hawkins 1539 0 7:23 AM
blogging Mountaineer Musings: Sarahk complains about the horrors of having her posts edited on Conservative Grapevine =D -- John_Hawkins 807 0 7:19 AM
culture The New York Post: Sex, lies & frozen marbles. What men (really!) think of Cosmo’s sex tips. -- John_Hawkins 1909 0 7:15 AM
republicans Mitch McConnell: "This is a (Democratic) Congress about Iraq votes and investigations, and legislative accomplishments are simply non-existent." -- John_Hawkins 850 0 7:15 AM
culture Cassy Fiano: Do we really need a magazine devoted to homosexuality in sports? -- John_Hawkins 694 0 7:13 AM
religion Breitbart TV: Video: Hindu prayer shouted down in US Senate by protestors. -- John_Hawkins 584 0 7:12 AM
culture KVBC: Child on ecstasy video a hoax. -- John_Hawkins 562 0 6:54 AM
blogging Stop Liberal Censorship: Website of the day, "Stop Liberal Censorship." -- John_Hawkins 725 0 6:52 AM
culture Big Pictures World Of Gossip: Posh Spice goes shopping (she is just hot). -- John_Hawkins 1488 0 6:50 AM
culture Wizbang Pop!: Lindsay's Lohan's lesbian love letters. -- John_Hawkins 1262 0 6:48 AM
elections Fred Thompson: A lawyer who is a prospective candidate. -- John_Hawkins 495 0 6:45 AM
domestic policy Victor Davis Hanson: Upside-down politics. What explains a world of strange political alliances? -- John_Hawkins 575 0 6:44 AM
foreign policy The Corner: Qadhafi endorses the insurgency in Iraq and Bush upgrades Libya relations. -- John_Hawkins 589 0 6:43 AM
domestic policy Newsbusters: John Stossel responds to Robert F. Kennedy Jr's attacks, lists false scares environmentalists pushed. -- John_Hawkins 1866 0 6:38 AM
foreign policy Wizbang!: Here is a podcast of Tony Snow's conference call with bloggers discussing the Iraq interim report. -- dawnsblood 338 0 6:31 AM
elections SCOTUS Blog: If a Democrat wins the Presidency in 2008 here are the people they are likely to place on the Supreme court. -- dawnsblood 620 0 6:30 AM
world Austin Bay: How will Iraq turn out? If the US does decide on a quick withdrawl, Col Bay offers 7 ways it could work out. -- dawnsblood 537 0 6:26 AM
 July 12th, 2007 Hits Comments Time
culture Larry Elder: Moore's "Sicko" is sickening . -- John_Hawkins 1184 0 7:35 AM
blogging Protein Wisdom: Is Jeff Goldstein retiring from blogging? -- John_Hawkins 632 0 6:32 AM
republicans On Tap: 9 principles that 90% of conservatives should agree with. -- John_Hawkins 1385 0 6:23 AM
culture Hot Air: Video: Mary Katharine Ham talks hot tub sex, jihad on O’Reilly. -- John_Hawkins 1766 0 5:11 AM
culture CNN: The top 12 indestructible careers. -- John_Hawkins 1993 0 4:48 AM
culture StarTribune: Drunken driver hits two, drives home with man wedged in windshield. -- John_Hawkins 649 0 4:41 AM
foreign policy News.com.au: Giant 'corpse-eating' badgers terrorise Iraqi city. -- John_Hawkins 821 0 4:33 AM
blogging GraniteGrok: The blogging tools we use. -- John_Hawkins 332 0 4:32 AM
culture Fox News: Woman almost dies after bikini wax. -- John_Hawkins 1415 0 4:31 AM
republicans The Hill: Boehner calls anti-surge GOP senators 'wimps.' -- John_Hawkins 497 0 4:29 AM
domestic policy James Taranto: The Roe Effect, by the numbers. -- John_Hawkins 719 0 4:09 AM
religion Jeff Jacoby: Avoiding the M-word. -- John_Hawkins 642 0 4:06 AM
domestic policy The Washington Times: Senate committee will hold a long-promised hearing Tuesday into the prosecution of Compean & Ramos. -- John_Hawkins 461 0 4:02 AM
elections Breitbart TV: Video: Firefighters take Giuliani to task for ‘9/11 failures of leadership.’ -- John_Hawkins 267 0 3:42 AM
democrats Ann Coulter: Nappy-headed hoax. -- John_Hawkins 1792 0 3:42 AM
world TimesOnline: Britain was told yesterday that it was part of a new European empire — by the Brussels bureaucrat who would be emperor. -- John_Hawkins 805 0 3:41 AM
culture Redstate: Cheerleader sues school for being cut from team. -- John_Hawkins 797 0 3:39 AM
culture Celebslam: Hillary Swank by the pool in a bikini. -- John_Hawkins 2144 0 3:37 AM
culture TMZ: Rosie O'Donnell: "It looks like a herpes but it's not." -- John_Hawkins 1797 0 3:33 AM
humor IMAO: A very funny humor piece about terrorists comparing them to cats who speak in ebonics. You will love this because it is wildly funny! Oh, and hilarious! It is great! So are cats for that matter. Ooh and know what else I love? Gluten! -- sarahk 1216 0 3:33 AM
environment Bruce Merrifield: A highly scientific case for Global Warming being caused by solar output not man. -- dawnsblood 1214 0 2:24 AM
 July 11th, 2007 Hits Comments Time
republicans Bruce Bartlett: Bruce Barlett says goodbye to his column. -- John_Hawkins 625 0 8:51 AM
foreign policy Fox: Marine investigator recommends dropping charges in Haditha killings. -- John_Hawkins 614 0 7:27 AM
foreign policy Rich Lowry: The fantasy of retreat in Iraq. -- John_Hawkins 676 0 7:24 AM
world The Daily Mail: Britain: eight Al Qaeda fanatics working for the police (but they don't dare sack them). -- John_Hawkins 668 0 7:08 AM
republicans Riehl World View: Another Madam from LA. claims Senator David Vitter used to use her services. -- John_Hawkins 607 0 6:23 AM
humor Baseball Crank: "John McCain's campaign today announced that Senator McCain has been let go from his role in the campaign." -- John_Hawkins 496 0 6:13 AM
democrats Ace of Spades HQ: Patriotism alert: Airman shot in heart by anti-war protestor; MSM covers up anti-war motive -- John_Hawkins 898 0 6:06 AM
domestic policy Rush Limbaugh: Take every argument they're using to get us out of Iraq -- ignore Petraeus, deny his plan, the time to work and so forth -- and apply it to Reid and Pelosi. -- John_Hawkins 1139 0 2:42 AM
world Bloomberg: A Mexican guerrilla group claimed responsibility for bomb attacks on natural gas pipelines owned by Mexico's state oil company. -- John_Hawkins 442 0 2:35 AM
culture Celebslam: Mariah Carey looking awesome in a bikini. -- John_Hawkins 3541 0 2:29 AM
culture Support the Chungs: Support the cleaners who are being bankrupted by legal fees in a frivolous $54 million dollar lawsuit over missing pants. -- John_Hawkins 399 0 2:04 AM
domestic policy Michelle Malkin: President Bush's sarcastic answer to a 13 year-old girl who asked him an immigration question makes her cry. (Jerk) -- John_Hawkins 2232 0 2:00 AM
blogging John Stossel: Michael Moore and me. -- John_Hawkins 1506 0 12:19 AM
foreign policy Tony Blankley: The Senate's shameful behavior over the war. -- John_Hawkins 629 0 12:16 AM
culture The Daily Mail: Samson the giant dog, who would be 6 ft. 5 inches tall on his hind legs (w/pic). -- John_Hawkins 902 0 12:12 AM
domestic policy The Wall Street Journal: Truth in global warming. Mr. Dingell's inconvenient tax. -- John_Hawkins 669 0 12:11 AM
domestic policy Cassy Fiano: I can use a gun, but you can't. -- John_Hawkins 1144 0 12:04 AM
humor Right Wing News: Video: If you elect Cindy Sheehan to Congress, she will hate George Bush way more than Nancy Pelosi. -- John_Hawkins 804 0 12:02 AM
world Captains Quarters: Audio: Cap'n Ed was in DC Monday for an exclusive interview with Ambassador Said T. Jawad of Afghanistan. -- Michael_Illions 358 0 12:01 AM
blogging Ward Connerly: Beware of elites bearing racial theories. -- John_Hawkins 699 0 12:01 AM
 July 10th, 2007 Hits Comments Time
elections Little Green Footballs: Ron Paul holding steady at 0%. -- John_Hawkins 1035 0 9:08 AM
democrats Rachel Lucas: Katie Couric hates the word "sputum" and flips out violently when asked to say it on air, but she'll have a colonoscopy on national television? -- John_Hawkins 670 0 8:47 AM
domestic policy Amanda Carpenter: The gospel of Gore. -- John_Hawkins 821 0 6:30 AM
elections The Star Tribune: Al Franken reports $1.9 million raised for quarter, $3.2 million for year. -- John_Hawkins 337 0 6:07 AM
world USA Today: Afghan girls traded for debts, sheep, blood feuds. -- John_Hawkins 636 0 5:55 AM
foreign policy Britain and America: BBC reports that US tactics in Iraq may be beginning to work just as Washington prepares to give up. -- John_Hawkins 838 0 5:51 AM
foreign policy Michael J. Totten: Syria invades Lebanon. -- John_Hawkins 586 0 5:47 AM
domestic policy The Volokh Conspiracy: NY Times reporter Adam Cohen attacks the "conservative judicial activism" of the Roberts Court. Unfortunately, his argument is riddled with flaws. -- John_Hawkins 688 0 5:45 AM
culture TMZ: Sharpton to TMZ: "Roboho" a big no no. -- John_Hawkins 950 0 5:44 AM
culture The Skinny Website: Victoria Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio in a bikini. -- John_Hawkins 6354 0 5:42 AM
culture MyFox: Chewbacca allegedly sexually assaults Marilyn Monroe, flees. -- John_Hawkins 689 0 5:41 AM
humor IMAO: Hillary Clinton condensed down to a single motivational poster. -- John_Hawkins 1845 0 5:40 AM
culture Ace of Spades HQ: The top 7 liberal plot suggestions to improve Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. -- John_Hawkins 850 0 5:38 AM
elections IMAO: Video: Ron Paul commands evil ant overlords to attack! -- John_Hawkins 693 0 5:37 AM
misc Temple of the Goracle: The website of the day, "Temple of the Goracle." -- John_Hawkins 587 0 5:36 AM
elections The Kansas Progress: Fred Thompson wins straw poll in Olathe, Kansas. -- John_Hawkins 478 0 5:35 AM
domestic policy Instapundit: Live Earth doesn't seem to be convincing the public on global warming. -- John_Hawkins 530 0 5:31 AM
foreign policy The Statesman: Claim: Rumsfeld canceled plan to seize al Qaeda's No. 2 leader after U.S. commandos had already boarded planes for raid. -- John_Hawkins 497 0 5:30 AM
domestic policy Peggy Noonan: America can't afford to lose its common language. -- John_Hawkins 919 0 5:29 AM
foreign policy The Corner: US envoy warns that departure of American troops could lead to sharply increased violence, the deaths of thousands and a regional conflict that could draw in Iraq’s neighbors. -- John_Hawkins 321 0 5:25 AM
democrats Say Anything: Not only does Democrat Rep. Keith Ellison imply that 9/11 was a government conspiracy aimed at fomenting war in the middle east, he also manages to compare the Bush administration to Hitler while doing it... -- John_Hawkins 721 0 5:24 AM
 July 9th, 2007 Hits Comments Time
foreign policy YouTube: Video: John Smeaton, hero of the Glasgow Airport Terrorist Attack describes how he and other members of the public "get a kick in, get a boot in" on the terrorist attacker. (The last line is awesome) -- John_Hawkins 952 0 8:56 AM
blogging Moxie: sympathy, from me anyway. I was very saddened to hear that liberal blogger, Jim Capozzola died. But, his liberal blogger friends aren't doing him any favors. -- John_Hawkins 814 0 4:53 AM
domestic policy Investor's Business Daily: Hard line on illegals a GOP loser? Not according to former California Governor, Republican Pete Wilson. -- John_Hawkins 733 0 4:46 AM
domestic policy Cassy Fiano: Racism causes breast cancer! -- John_Hawkins 573 0 4:37 AM
domestic policy Mark Steyn: The British bomb plot and Michael Moore-style health care. -- John_Hawkins 1334 0 4:09 AM
domestic policy Byron York: Base to Bush: It's over (Free WAPO reg req). -- John_Hawkins 754 0 4:09 AM
elections John Fund: Will nostalgia sweep the Clintons back into the White House? -- John_Hawkins 487 0 4:00 AM
culture Celebslam: A bikini wearing Jennifer Garner goes surfing in Hawaii. -- John_Hawkins 2159 0 3:54 AM
domestic policy Bjorn Lomborg: Live Earth, or sticking to a false sense of priorities? -- John_Hawkins 767 0 3:53 AM
media Little Green Footballs: The MEMRI Blog translates a report from a Palestinian source that says Hamas paid off Alan Johnston’s kidnappers with $5 million and a million bullets. -- John_Hawkins 405 0 3:52 AM
elections Jim Geraghty: Am I really comparable to Aaron Burr or worse, the New York Times for criticizing Mitt Romney? -- John_Hawkins 437 0 3:51 AM
humor Iowahawk: UK Warning: Look out for people doing things. -- John_Hawkins 729 0 3:42 AM
elections Albert Hunt: Letter from Washington: Why Bloomberg can't win -- John_Hawkins 421 0 3:34 AM
culture X-17: Celebs catching rays in their bikinis on the beaches of Malibu: including Paris Hilton, Eva Longoria, & Haylie Duff. -- John_Hawkins 2238 0 3:30 AM
foreign policy Jules Crittenden: The New York Times admits that they prefer genocide in Iraq. -- John_Hawkins 722 0 3:23 AM
elections Granite Grok: Coalition of NH Taxpayers picnic straw poll results -- John_Hawkins 443 0 3:18 AM
culture Mark Steyn: A Live Earth non-update. -- John_Hawkins 914 0 3:17 AM
culture Incoherent Ramblings: Aesop's Fable: The man, the boy, and the donkey (In flash) -- John_Hawkins 392 0 3:16 AM
culture Jonathan V. Last: Life is hard — and often short. The perils of professional wrestling. -- John_Hawkins 616 0 3:13 AM
culture Atlas Shrugs: What did you do during the War, daddy? I made moronic anti-American posters son (w/pics) -- John_Hawkins 2272 0 3:12 AM
 July 6th, 2007 Hits Comments Time
misc Conservative Grapevine: On Monday, CG returns to a regular schedule. Until then, enjoy the links below, consider this to be an open thread, and have a great week-end! PS: Thanks to all of RWN's guest bloggers who did such a fantastic job this week. -- John_Hawkins 418 0 11:59 PM
culture Army Times: Our top 10 best military movies of all time. -- John_Hawkins 1463 0 10:13 PM
domestic policy The Corner: Al-Qaeda has been baking children and serving them to their families to eat in Iraq. -- John_Hawkins 891 0 8:32 PM
humor Mary Katharine Ham: MKH: Silkeh ladeh! (Silky lady, if you don't know how to pronounce that.) -- sarahk 716 0 2:49 PM
elections Hot Air: Rasmussen: Fred Thompson already even with Hillary. Face your DOOOOOOM, democrats! DOOOM! -- sarahk 1010 0 1:19 PM
foreign policy Joe Lieberman: In a WSJ piece Lieberman urges those in Congress to present a united front to respond to recent actions by Iran and explains why withdrawing from Iraq now would be exactly what Iran wants. -- Lorie_Byrd 577 0 11:14 AM
blogging Investor's Business Daily: Forget talk radio -- if anyone needs a fairness doctrine it is MSNBC. -- Lorie_Byrd 887 0 11:00 AM
foreign policy Hugh Hewitt: Domenici doesn't want to support the effort to win in Iraq. I don't want to support the re-election efforts of Republicans who don't understand that we can and should finish the mission in Iraq. -- Lorie_Byrd 409 0 10:46 AM
blogging Conservatives with Attitude!: A Conservatives with Attitude! Exclusive: The Pro-Wrestling Industry was rocked and society in general was shocked over the Chris Benoit Double Murder-Suicide almost 2 weeks ago. As someone who has been in the Pro-Wrestling industry, I was able to interview one of the top Pro-Wrestling Insiders who gives us information and theories not yet reported. We take you inside the lockerroom and breakdown the Pro-Wrestling wall of secrecy. Find out what strange comment Hulk Hogan make regarding Nancy Benoit? Why did Chris Benoit open up a bank account for his ex-wife and 2 other children a week or so before the tragedy. -- Michael_Illions 824 0 9:36 AM
blogging QandO Blog: Henke reports on the state police surveillance of a political rival ordered by the Democrat Governor of New York, Eliot Spitzer. Haven't heard about it? Big surprise, but now you can read all about it. -- Michael_Illions 824 0 9:07 AM
blogging Ankle Biting Pundits: The Bush Boom Continues: Over at Ankle Biting Pundits, Patrick Hynes sinks his teeth into a subject no one really talks about; the strong Bush economy -- Michael_Illions 598 0 8:47 AM
democrats John Hawkins: The Democratic Party's stealth war On black Americans. -- John_Hawkins 1054 0 3:58 AM
republicans YouTube: Video: I've Got a Crush on Fred Thompson's Politics -- John_Hawkins 653 0 1:32 AM
blogging YouTube: Funny song about immigration in the United States called "Press One for English". -- cfiano 881 0 12:12 AM
elections Hot Air: New video resurfaces: I've got a lesbian crush on Hillary! -- cfiano 852 0 12:10 AM
world The Daily Record: Cabbie kicks flaming Glasgow Airport terrorist in the balls so hard, he tore a tendon. -- cfiano 520 0 12:09 AM
misc Cassy Fiano: Tips on how to successfully pick up a girl at a bar or club. -- cfiano 1138 0 12:06 AM
democrats Electric Venom: San Francisco: Call Nanny 911! -- sarahk 542 0 12:01 AM
democrats IMAO: Pop quiz, hot shot: Which statements are from Al Gore, which are from the Unabomber? (I scored 33%, and I thought I was doing really well.) -- sarahk 1255 0 12:00 AM
 July 5th, 2007 Hits Comments Time
culture Boing Boing: Teddy bears turned inside out (w/pics). -- John_Hawkins 743 0 9:15 PM
domestic policy Newsbusters: The Bush economy ranks among the best ever. This has to be the most under-reported story of the administration's past seven years. -- Lorie_Byrd 756 0 5:37 PM
religion Tanveer Ahmed: Islam must face its uncomfortable truths. -- John_Hawkins 596 0 4:16 PM
blogging Conservatives with Attitude!: Illegal Immigrant Rapes 15 Year Old Girl -- Hours After Being Released From Jail. Disgusting! Read this story and thank god the Shamnesty bill didn't pass. Hey Senator Graham- This is the type of scum you were whining about "hiding in the shawdows." I guess you were right, he raped a teenaged girl and now he is hiding in the shadows - Are you proud of yourself now ? -- Michael_Illions 607 0 3:32 PM
humor Ace of Spades: What a fun scandal! CheckeredPantsGate. -- Lorie_Byrd 689 0 3:28 PM
democrats Brent Bozell: Reminds those in the media praising Elizabeth Edwards' plea for civility about some of her past statements. -- Lorie_Byrd 766 0 3:20 PM
foreign policy Meryl Yourish: Hamas doing bang-up job running Gaza. -- sarahk 538 0 3:11 PM
humor IMAO: Top ten ways to tell if your doctor is an Islamic terrorist. -- sarahk 1373 0 2:28 PM
blogging Club For Growth: Andy Roth at CfG is reporting about 3, count them 3, "Republicans" that are proposing tax hike. Read It, Get Angry, Take Action! The only time I want to hear the word hike is when the quarterback is under center calling for the snap. -- Michael_Illions 498 0 1:41 PM
blogging Race42008: Race42008 Editor Kavon W. Nikrad has Video Posts of Governor Huckabee talking to his supporters in Iowa. Also, check out the rest of this site for some great 2008 coverage. -- Michael_Illions 323 0 1:36 PM
elections Free Republic: Free Republic is holding a virtual press conference with Presidential candidate Duncan Hunter, where users will be able to interview Rep. Hunter for an hour or longer. -- cfiano 331 0 11:50 AM
world Instapundit: Hero cabbie injures self kicking Glasgow terrorist in nads. At least he didn't have to wait to see a doctor. (What? The article says he saw a doctor already.) -- sarahk 427 0 11:49 AM
misc Mary Katharine Ham: Frisco's new socialized healthcare program is such a huge success -- a whopping 29 people signed up. -- cfiano 725 0 11:30 AM
media Newsbusters: Newsbusters dissects the New York Times Annual Fourth-of-July American hatefest. -- cfiano 1078 0 11:19 AM
media Hot Air: NBC commits "emotional terrorism" in a story about body armor; the new episode of Vent debunks the entire thing. -- cfiano 563 0 11:05 AM
misc Cassy Fiano: Creator of "Help My Baby Live" website, where a couple asks for $50k to NOT have an abortion, unmasked? -- cfiano 645 0 10:24 AM
world Moonbattery: Turkish pop singer announces on plane that she "has some planes to bomb", and then complains about being treated like a terrorist. -- cfiano 914 0 10:22 AM
blogging Stop The ACLU: Important post about the increasingly common practice of Conservative websites/blogs being blocked by companies. By comparison, Left-wing sites seem to be unaffected by this trend. Political bias in the workplace? No way!!! -- Michael_Illions 696 0 9:34 AM
blogging Captains Quarters: Captain Ed looks at the Hair-ific story about John Edwards stylist, who is upset that Edwards claims it was a 'one and done' situation and was "shocked" that it was so much money. Not so says the stylist; John Edwards has been his customer for "years." -- Michael_Illions 482 0 8:49 AM
elections YouTube: Video: Duncan Hunter's grandaughter sings "The Star-Spangled Banner". (Wow, this is cute) -- John_Hawkins 557 0 12:13 AM
misc Right Wing News: Take a look at who will be guest posting on Conservative Grapevine this week. -- John_Hawkins 1070 0 12:00 AM
 July 4th, 2007 Hits Comments Time
world Yahoo!: Sochi, Russia (Caucusus region) awarded 2014 Winter Olympics. If there weren't so many Communists, I'd beg Frank J. to take me (for a tour of Russia and the curling). -- sarahk 290 0 11:16 PM
misc The Sheila Variations: Independence Day, 1826... Jefferson and Adams competing for award of best patriot. -- sarahk 306 0 11:12 PM
blogging Conservatives with Attitude!: Al Gore's Son Busted Again! While Daddy is out saving the planet from us evil humans, Al Gore III was arrested for speeding, (again), and suspicion of possession, (again). But Liberals take heart, he was driving a Toyota Prius. -- Michael_Illions 465 0 8:45 AM
misc Conservative Grapevine: CG is taking the day off for July 4th. Hope you have a great 4th! -- John_Hawkins 427 0 2:34 AM
misc Right Wing News: Retro Right Wing News posts for July 4. -- John_Hawkins 713 0 2:33 AM
culture Rush Limbaugh: Rush Limbaugh's father wrote and frequently delivered a speech on "Our Lives, Our Fortunes, Our Sacred Honor" on the fates of the men who signed the Declaration. -- Big_Mo 442 0 12:01 AM
democrats Ann Coulter: Studies show: Felons smarter than liberals -- John_Hawkins 1042 0 12:00 AM
 July 3rd, 2007 Hits Comments Time
elections MSNBC: Duncan Hunter defends Ann Coulter against critics. -- John_Hawkins 798 0 11:38 PM
domestic policy Jonah Goldberg: In many countries, citizens can have a candid dialogue about preserving national identity. Try that in this country, and you’re labeled an exclusionary bigot. Exhibit A: The immigration reform debate. -- John_Hawkins 559 0 11:33 PM
humor IMAO: lolterizt part 4. u laff at teriztz! or ai mehk u laff! -- sarahk 659 0 9:41 PM
blogging Sister Toldjah: It’s official: Gordon Brown is no Tony Blair. ST takes us through the story of how the new Brit PM Gordon Brown, is not berating the terrorists, but instead making sure no one offends them!! -- Michael_Illions 1008 0 7:06 PM
blogging Captains Quarters: Mo-ney Mo-ney Mo-ney!! The Cap'n breaks down the 2nd Quarter "earnings" of Mitt and Rudy. -- Michael_Illions 383 0 6:53 PM
media YouTube: Al Sharpton tries (unsuccessfully) to get Duncan Hunter to condemn Ann Coulter on Hardball. -- cfiano 439 0 3:56 PM
elections Mary Claire Kendall: Why haven't voters taken note of Jim Gilmore? -- Rob_Bluey 348 0 3:53 PM
domestic policy Thomas Sowell: Immigration bill pitted the American people vs. the elite. -- Rob_Bluey 530 0 3:50 PM
elections Hugh Hewitt: Drinking the Romney Kool-Aid. -- Rob_Bluey 443 0 3:35 PM
elections Soren Dayton: Did Mitt Romney really spend $32 million in just six months? -- Rob_Bluey 410 0 3:34 PM
domestic policy Tom DeLay: Daily Kos: Popular opinion should control Supreme Court. -- John_Hawkins 616 0 2:39 PM
foreign policy Michelle Malkin: More jihad doctors (new and old). Maybe if they teach... I don't know, MEDICINE, in med school, we'd have fewer jihadis (and more diagnoses). A girl can dream, no? -- sarahk 733 0 12:46 PM
republicans Hot Air: Round-up of reactions to Scooter Libby commutation... including Ro-ku! -- sarahk 497 0 10:28 AM
blogging Power Line: Senator Norm Coleman continues to lay the smackdown on the United Nations, an organizaton that continues to be silent on world events unless it is to be critical of the U.S. or Israel. -- Michael_Illions 627 0 5:37 AM
blogging Save The GOP: Former Chairman of the South Carolina DEMOCRAT Party on Lindsey Graham: “We already have our best Democrat up there in Lindsey,” -- Michael_Illions 546 0 5:28 AM
blogging Conservatives with Attitude!: Just days before Pro-Wrestler Chris Benoit killed his wife and son, Nancy Benoit told friends that "if anything happened to her, look at Chris." -- Michael_Illions 654 0 5:22 AM
religion The Daily Mail: I was a fanatic...I know their thinking, says former radical Islamist. -- John_Hawkins 589 0 4:47 AM
world Strategypage: American forces in Afghanistan are killing al-Queda fighters at higher rates then ever before. Both al-queda and the Taliban are getting a bit paranoid. -- dawnsblood 517 0 3:00 AM
blogging Little Green Footballs: Jihad in Jacksonville? A man rants and raves in English and Arabic, and makes threats to blow up downtown Jacksonville. -- cfiano 556 0 2:02 AM
elections Wizbang: Whites' voting rights violated in Mississippi. -- cfiano 1106 0 1:52 AM
culture Iowa Voice: If you live in New York City, not only can you not smoke or eat fatty foods, but now you can’t even take photographs without a permit? -- cfiano 500 0 1:47 AM
culture Moonbattery: Howard Zinn: don't love the United States, it's "dangerous". -- cfiano 806 0 1:41 AM
misc Cassy Fiano: Maria Sharapova REALLY likes bananas (w/ pics)! -- cfiano 1376 0 1:39 AM
 July 2nd, 2007 Hits Comments Time
world mountaineer musings: *Only* five out of eight British terror suspects said to be doctors. I demand a recount. -- sarahk 396 0 9:20 PM
weird Orlando Sentinel: "Our investigators found end caps, which usually indicate a pipe-bomb-like device... We believe this was not designed to cause significant property damage or injuries." What was it designed to cause, then? Tickling? -- sarahk 417 0 4:09 PM
humor IMAO: Other failed terrorist attacks you may not have heard of... -- sarahk 986 0 3:44 PM
domestic policy Michelle Malkin: Illegal aliens announce "campaign of resistance". -- cfiano 1055 0 2:15 PM
foreign policy Hotair: If this is true, I'll have to take back some of what I said about Musharraf this year. -- sarahk 586 0 1:50 PM
elections CBS News: Poll: Fred Thompson a factor in GOP race -- Rob_Bluey 613 0 12:11 PM
media Newsbusters: Dr. Sanjay Gupta fact checks Michael Moore's 'Sicko'. -- cfiano 1848 0 12:00 PM
democrats Ernest Istook: How low can congressional ratings go? -- Rob_Bluey 455 0 11:59 AM
elections Soren Dayton: Why the economy will matter in 2008. -- Rob_Bluey 479 0 11:57 AM
weird Moonbattery: Feminism made Prof. Sue Wilkinson a lesbian. -- cfiano 904 0 11:56 AM
blogging Joshua Trevino: Twitter vs. Pownce -- Rob_Bluey 439 0 11:45 AM
domestic policy The Examiner: Bloggers can rail endlessly about pork-barrel spending, but the truth is that earmarks keep on coming. Our job is to keep shining light on them. -- Rob_Bluey 393 0 11:40 AM
misc The Skinny Website: Post-prison Paris Hilton bikini shots (ouch!) -- John_Hawkins 2003 0 10:59 AM
culture Perez Hilton: The Spice Girls reunion is in trouble - egos are running wild and the girls already hate each other. -- cfiano 1206 0 9:56 AM
culture Cassy Fiano: Moonbat parents turn their little boy into a little girl because he likes pink. -- cfiano 911 0 9:54 AM
foreign policy The Corner: Iran (and friends) preparing to commit a violent suicide? -- sarahk 888 0 9:29 AM
domestic policy Josh Kraushaar: The immigration bill’s fallen Republican soldiers. -- John_Hawkins 700 0 8:51 AM
misc Recall Mel Martinez: The website of the day is, "Recall Mel Martinez." -- John_Hawkins 487 0 8:47 AM
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