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humor Worldwideinterweb: Who Wore It Better? (20 Pictures) -- John_Hawkins_Selects 885 0 12:35 AM
self-help Funsterz: These 33 Facts can be like food for your brain -- Max 860 0 12:41 AM
misc Big10tens: Why Girls Need To Let Guys Be Guys -- John_Hawkins_Selects 851 0 12:50 AM
eye candy Gceleb: Lesbian Vampire Killers Swimsuit Photoshoot -- Max 849 0 12:04 AM
images Barnorama: The Difference Between America’s Food And The Rest Of The World -- John_Hawkins_Selects 835 0 12:43 AM
eye candy Toasted On The Inside: 32 Hot Busty Babes… Anything Else? -- Max 777 0 12:18 AM
self-help Lolriot: How To Be Awesome In 10 Easy Steps -- Max 722 0 12:25 AM
eye candy Steakwood: This Gallery Of Hot Babes Will Make Your Hump Day That Much Better -- Max 658 0 12:08 AM
images Where Cool Things Happen: Incredible Innovative Table Designs That You Want -- John_Hawkins_Selects 632 0 12:55 AM
celebrities Peanut Chuck: 16 Photos Of French Actress Clemence Guichard Poesy -- Max 602 0 12:01 AM
images Cavemancircus: Maybe I Don’t Want Kids After All… -- John_Hawkins_Selects 585 0 12:37 AM
eye candy Radass: Girls Of Instagram: Jasmine Waltz -- Max 489 0 12:12 AM
humor Bromygod: How Hard Do You College? -- Max 473 0 12:51 AM
politics Moonbattery: Owner Declares Her Gun Range a Muslim-Free Zone -- John_Hawkins_Selects 432 0 12:39 AM
humor Nedhardy: 30 People Having Way Too Much Fun With Statues -- Max 420 0 12:53 AM
eye candy Hey Man Hustle: Angelina Valentine 'Best Of' 2014 -- John_Hawkins_Selects 408 0 12:04 AM
images The Frogman: Dogs Who Look Like Other Things -- John_Hawkins_Selects 272 0 12:57 AM
politics Rachel Marsden: Obama’s Blame Game Underscores U.S. Intelligence Problem -- John_Hawkins_Selects 269 0 1:03 AM
politics Publiusforum: Oklahoma Beheading Shows Authorities Are Putting Us In Danger -- John_Hawkins_Selects 253 0 12:36 AM
politics The Last Tradition: Telling The Enemy What You Won’t Do In War Is A Prescription For Defeat -- John_Hawkins_Selects 165 0 12:42 AM
misc Huffington Post: California Becomes First State To Ban Single-Use Plastic Bags -- John_Hawkins_Selects 165 0 12:58 AM
politics Jonah Goldberg: Obama’s Mixed Messages On War -- John_Hawkins_Selects 129 0 1:01 AM
video Hotair: First Case Of Ebola Found In The US -- Max 52 0 12:30 AM
misc Rare: CDC confirms: First case of Ebola diagnosed in U.S. -- John_Hawkins_Selects 45 0 12:40 AM
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