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 September 1st, 2014 Hits Comments Time
entertainment Mentalfloss: 12 of the Most Distracting Extras in Movie History -- John_Hawkins_Selects 1034 0 1:37 AM
humor imgur: That misstep -- John_Hawkins_Selects 872 0 1:41 AM
images Heavy: Burning Man 2014: The Photos You Need to See -- John_Hawkins_Selects 803 0 1:36 AM
self-help Funsterz: 32 Amusing Facts To Blow Your Mind -- Max 779 0 12:13 AM
celebrities Mail Online: Jewel shows off her incredible bikini body as she preps to play at same Bahamas hotel where she wed estranged husband Ty Murray -- John_Hawkins_Selects 768 0 1:19 AM
entertainment Ranker: The Best Shows That Were Canceled in 2014 -- John_Hawkins_Selects 692 0 1:39 AM
images Now That's Interesting!: 12 Undeniable Truths about Life -- John_Hawkins_Selects 686 0 1:27 AM
humor Bromygod: Daily WTF: Best Parent Ever -- Max 589 0 12:11 AM
eye candy Badsentinel: All These Braless Babes Are Here To Ease Us -- Max 562 0 12:03 AM
misc Oddity Central: Bachelors Wanted in Brazilian Town Made Up Entirely of Women -- John_Hawkins_Selects 549 0 1:26 AM
eye candy Workingjacks: Sexy Women Who Already Feel The Effects Of Climate Change -- John_Hawkins_Selects 543 0 12:03 AM
video Izismile: Whoever Gave This Guy Control Of The Wheel Was Really Stupid -- Max 542 0 12:21 AM
crime Mail Online: 'This is a flagrant violation of privacy': Cyber hacker has targeted dozens of female celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton and posted their graphic naked cell phone photographs online -- John_Hawkins_Selects 515 0 1:17 AM
humor Big10tens: I’m Not Sure. I Blacked Out -- Max 489 0 12:07 AM
entertainment Barnorama: How The Media Manipulates Everything -- Max 450 0 12:19 AM
misc Wildammo: 16 Amazing Facts About Coffee You Need To Know (ad) -- John_Hawkins_Selects 429 0 1:16 AM
images Eatliver: Russian Mafia Gravestones -- John_Hawkins_Selects 426 0 1:25 AM
eye candy Radass: Meghan Markle Can Tear Off My Suit Anytime -- Max 418 0 12:01 AM
politics Derek Hunter: Obama Does Have A Strategy, And It's Awful -- John_Hawkins_Selects 400 0 1:40 AM
politics Star Parker: Paul Ryan Has Answer for Ferguson -- John_Hawkins_Selects 353 0 1:38 AM
entertainment Nedhardy: Animals Are The Greatest (15 GIFs) -- Max 308 0 12:09 AM
humor World Wide Interweb: The 20 Funniest Moments In Handshake History -- John_Hawkins_Selects 297 0 1:11 AM
weird Cracked: 5 Unexpected Things I Learned From Having an Eating Disorder -- John_Hawkins_Selects 296 0 1:34 AM
weird Double Viking: The Top 3 Scariest, Weirdest Collections In The World -- John_Hawkins_Selects 293 0 1:16 AM
self-help Toptenz: 10 Vacation Destinations for Adventurous Tourists -- John_Hawkins_Selects 293 0 1:37 AM
misc Listverse: 10 Mistakes That Fed The Rise Of ISIS -- John_Hawkins_Selects 284 0 1:28 AM
misc Wonderslist: 10 Tribes Who Are About To Go Extinct -- John_Hawkins_Selects 242 0 1:19 AM
misc Cavemancircus: Documentary Every Pro Wrestling Fan Needs To Watch: Beyond The Mat -- Max 237 0 12:16 AM
politics Pirate's Cove: Media Decides That Obama Is "Cool And Calm" In A Crisis -- John_Hawkins_Selects 211 0 1:15 AM
entertainment NY Times: Movies Have Worst Summer Since 1997 -- John_Hawkins_Selects 183 0 1:33 AM
video theRACKUP: Peekaboo! Masked Men Scaring People In Public -- Max 170 0 12:05 AM
sports Mail Online: No other team wants to pick up openly gay NFL draft pick Michael Sam after he's cut from the St. Louis Rams -- John_Hawkins_Selects 160 0 1:18 AM
politics House of Eratosthenes: "It Is Better For Obama to Have His Eye Off Something Than On It" -- John_Hawkins_Selects 127 0 1:14 AM
images Mirror Online: Super cool baby gives mum big thumbs up on ultrasound scan -- John_Hawkins_Selects 118 0 1:16 AM
video Hollywood Reporter: 'Once Upon a Time': 'Frozen's' Elsa Debuts in Season 4 Promo -- John_Hawkins_Selects 115 0 1:15 AM
misc Vice: Seized Islamic State Laptop Reveals Research Into Weaponizing the Bubonic Plague -- John_Hawkins_Selects 68 0 1:20 AM
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