10 famous people who could kill you with their bare hands

1. Ice T. As a long-time practitioner of Brazilian jiu-jitsu and boxing, and is also a former Army Ranger, he can definitely whip out some moves if he needs to.

2. Chuck Norris- Norris is the only Westerner in the 4,500-year history of Tae Kwon Do to achieve an eighth degree black belt. He could F you up so badly you wouldn’t know what happened until you woke up three days later in the emergency room.

3. Jason Statham. He comes by his role in the Transporter honestly – he’s an expert kickboxer and was a world-class diver for the National British Team.

4. Jesse Ventura. He’s a Navy Seal and a former professional wrestler. Whether you like his politics or not, the dude can kill you with his bare hands.

5. Harrison Ford is cool-headed and calm, just the type of guy you’d want on your side if the shit was going down. He’s used his own helicopter twice to rescue hikers in the mountains. He also used it to join a search and rescue of a 13-year-old boy lost in the woods. Plus he’s been involved in two crashes and walked away without a scratch.

6. Samuel L. Jackson. After Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated, Jackson joined the radical Black Panther party. “We were buying guns, getting ready for armed struggle. ‘All of a sudden,’ he said proudly, ‘I felt I had a voice. I was somebody. I could make a difference. But his Mom told him, ‘Do not come back to Atlanta.’ The FBI had been to the house and told her that if I didn’t get out of Atlanta, there was a good possibility I’d be dead within a year. She freaked out.’”

7. Christopher Lee was a member of the elite SAS and Britain’s Secret Operations Executive, the commando team that Winston Churchill was in charge of. His wartime service is still classified.

8. Julia Child. At 6 feet 2 inches, she was too tall for both the WACs and WAVES, so she joined the CIA (then called the Office of Strategic Services.)

9. Daniel Day Lewis. He’s been known to take his method acting to the most extreme – and it’s made him a lethal weapon. In the Gangs of New York, he spent his time off camera learning how to sharpen and throw knives (reportedly he’s spookily accurate with this skill.). He also went around picking fights with random strangers while filming the movie.

10. Dolph Lundgren. He’s trained in judo, Goju-ryu and Kyokushin karate, and holds a third degree black belt in Kyokushin. He won the European championships twice back in the 1980s. But he has brains to go with that brawn as well. With a Masters degree in chemical engineering, he can probably F you up in several different ways.

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