10 Genius Office Hacks I Can Get On Board With

Life in a cubicle can be difficult with the space constraints and jumble of cords. You want to put your own personal touch on your office space while at the same time keeping everything clean and efficient. That’s why we’re hitting you with 10 office hacks that you can use to make your 9-to-5 a little more bearable.

1. No More Cold Coffee

2. Binder Clips As Cord Organizers

3. Bread Tabs As Wire Labelers

4. Bread Tabs As Place Holders

5. Spice Rack As A Desk Organizer

6. Keep Wires Off The Floor With An Under-Desk Rack

7. Under-Desk Jars As Office Organizers

8. Altoids Tins To Sort Small Items

9. Use An Egg Carton To Keep Your Laptop From Overheating

10. Use A Sticky Note To Clean Between Your Keys

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