10 Memes That Perfectly Describe Women in a Relationship

I defy any of you to find a woman who does not fit one of these memes and I’ll prove to you that she has you fooled. Like men, women are not complex creatures we all want the same thing and we use passive aggressive methods to get them. You may be strong and smart, but we are crafty as well as smart it’s a skill we’ve honed to make up for our lack of physical strength…even the dumb ones are cunning. It’s nature’s way of finding balance. Enjoy the ten memes that perfectly describe women in a relationship!

1. And you’d better know when we want which!

2. Well? Are you?

3. How can you be sleeping when I’m awake?

4. Yeah, ummmm I’m not done yet.

5. Warning! Warning Will Robinson! (look it up)

6. Right?!?!?!?!?!?

7. Not even a little…

8. We don’t ask if we don’t know…yes, all of us.

9. Do you want this naked and under you? Exactly. Buy me dinner, I’m no slut.

10. Once we pop the fart cork, it’s never the same.

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