10 Of The Most Heart-Wrenching Moments In History Caught On Camera

1. Two Soldiers And God

It was the Battle of Kursk when these two soldiers found themselves up against 900,000 German soldiers, 10,000 artillery guns, 2,700 tanks and 2,000 aircrafts during WWII. At this time that would be about 1/3 of all Germany’s military strength concentrated in just one area.

Hitler himself said about this particular battle “there must be no failure”

This picture captures the moment two Russian soldiers stop to pray as the war raged around them. I do not know if they made it through the night.

Do you?

2. 9/11 Tragedy: The Falling Man

This is an image forever burned into the memory of many Americans and people around the world. Even now, the memory of a nation having to watch in horror as it realized things would never be the same stays fresh in our minds. As the towers burned, people became trapped on the floors that rose above the raging flames below. Some refused to die by fire, and they began to jump.

Can you imagine before forced to choose whether you will die by fire or fall?

3. A Doctor’s Duty

This very real photo, is of a heart surgeon who had just completed a 23-hour-long heart transplant. He sits here absolutely exhausted and drained of all he had. There in the back you see his assistant who had succumbed to sleep almost immediately after.

The heart transplant was successful.

4. Human Suffering

This picture needs no further explanation other than, disease, starvation and genocide.

God bless the children.

5. Kindness In Times Of War

Here we see what kindness looks like during war. You can be in the world but not of the world, if you choose kindness.

6. Buddhist Monk Public Suicide By Fire

He sat as they poured gas all over his body, and was silent. As his Buddhist brothers watched, he was then lit on fire. Still silent and engulfed in flames he sat there and didn’t move a muscle or make a sound as he burned to death in protest against the persecution of Buddhists. He would be the one to choose his fate, not another.

7. Haunting Regret

A photographer came across this poor starving child in Africa, but was told he shouldn’t intervene. So he didn’t.

Later this same photographer committed suicide over the guilt that took over his mind. He was too ashamed of his cowardice.

8. Shadow of A Soldier

Elderly WWII tank Captain comes upon his old tank whose walls he passed through the entire war in. Learning it had become a monument he was overcome with emotion.

9. When Evil Men Rule

They appear to be scuffs on a wall, but in truth they are literal scratch marks made by prisoners from the inside of an Auschwitz gas chamber.

The thought of such horror against humanity is haunting.

10. Self-appendectomy- Becomes A Miracle!

Doctor Leonid Rogozov took part in the Soviet Antarctic Expedition in 1960-61 and during this expedition he had developed appendicitis. At this time there was no other doctor at the station and it was life or death for him.

So he had no other option but to operate on himself. So he did.

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