10 Political Tattoos That Are Being Regretted

We’ve all been there. You get black out drunk and wake up with a weird political tattoo somewhere on your body. No? Just me?

Well, here are 10 other people who prove that alcohol + politics + tattoos just don’t mix.

1. This is possible the worst rendering of President Obama I have ever seen!

2. This tattoo starts to make sense when you realize it’s a reference to South Park’s “ManBearPig” episode with Al Gore. But then you’re left puzzling why anyone would want a tattoo of that!

3. Bill Clinton’s always the butt of the joke.

4. A Trump in a diaper tattoo really says, “Classy.”

5. In hindsight, maybe you don’t want to remember that election year… Daily Caller

6. Can’t decide if this is a Hillary tribute or mocking her.

7. Butt, why?

8. This Sarah Palin tattoo on an unidentifiable body part is horrifying!

9. He’s just going to have to face it: Mitt Romney lost.

And finally…

10. Ladies and gentlemen, the Trump stamp.

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