10 Ridiculous Billboards

If you want to get your message out there to the masses renting a billboard is probably one of the best and least expensive ways to do it. Doing this will guarantee that it will be seen by millions of people each year. But how do you get millions of people to pay attention to your message over all the other billboards out there? Well….placement is very important as is the message itself. And with that I present you with 10 ridiculous billboards that try their best.

1. How to kill ‘that guy’s’ business…

2. With a single word, a can of paint and some serious bravery you can change someone’s message forever…

3. Be careful what you wish for?

4. Desperate times call for desperate measures?

5. Tell me this guy’s name isn’t Steven.

6. Nothing else to say here.

7. Well then…

8. Always travel with a translator?

9. Billboards….doing the job(s) your parents should have done?

10. Again, placement is VERY important!

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