10 Signs Your Partner May Be Cheating on You

1. They start accusing you of cheating
This is one of the most obvious signs that your partner is cheating on you. It’s called projection and they do it to deflect blame and their own guilt. When someone accuses you of something you’re not actually guilty of you will respond with facts to prove them wrong. When you’re guilty, you flip the argument back to your accuser and that’s exactly what this accomplishes.

2. They change all their passwords for “privacy”
Once upon a time your relationship was an open book. He knew everything about you and you him. Then one day one of you needs privacy. Now the phone is password protected, FB password is changed, email, etc. What once was available is now hidden and the reasons don’t make any sense. Secrets in a relationship destroy trust. Unless the secret is a birthday/Christmas/Valentine’s gift which is both short term and a good reason, secrets mean that cheating has begun or is on the verge of happening.

3. Starts dressing better and/or makes more of an effort with their appearance
When you first start dating you are on your best behavior and you always look your best. They don’t hear you fart and you laugh at every joke. It’s called “new love” and it lasts about 6 months – your significant other has no idea who the heck you are! Once you begin a committed relationship most people tend to relax their grooming a bit and be more themselves. They get comfortable, this isn’t a bad thing it’s natural. Which is why abruptly changing who they have really been with a new and improved version is a sign of cheating. We dress to impress at the start of a new love and if your S.O. is doing it after a long haul of being comfy, they may be trying to impress someone but it isn’t usually you, not anymore.

4. Comes home from work later than usual and showers immediately
Unless it’s always been their habit to work late and shower immediately after work, starting to do so after working “late” is a bad omen. That’s not work grime they’re cleansing, it’s at best someone’s perfume and at worst someone’s fluid.

5. They spend a lot of time texting “work” or “nobody” and are happy about it.
If your partner comes home and seems much more interested in texting someone unimportant or even “work” than you, you might have a problem. Sure, it could legitimately be a work-related problem and if they’re not cheating, they will be happy to show you the messages and would likely offer them up. But if that isn’t the case, any questions, no matter how innocent, will trigger a very angry and possibly accusatory response in return. Keep your eyes open.

6. They Lie
Lying is a dead giveaway but it’s not always easy to spot and often requires some detective work. Don’t ignore your intuition. Most of us get a gut feeling when we’re being lied to and all too often we ignore it. Don’t. Ask them a test question, one that may be uncomfortable to be honest about and see if they lie. If your gut says they are lying, they probably are. Time to start looking at their phone, their FB messenger and texts.

7. Spends too much time on FB chatting with nobody important/old friend
We all have opposite sex friends and it is very easy to start blurring lines especially when those opposite sex friends are new work friends. I’m not saying men and women can’t be friends but when those friends become more important than you, there is a problem. The biggest warning sign with opposite sex friends is when they start discussing relationship issues or even sexual histories, that is a crossed line for anyone in a long-term relationship. Don’t buy the excuse that it couldn’t be helped or they can’t control what the other person says because they absolutely can. They can say to their “friend” that they don’t feel it is respectful to their spouse/partner talk about sex with another woman/man because it isn’t. If they cross this line – Red Flag Alert!

8. Checks phone too often
Major red flag. Unless your partner is “on-call” for their job, they don’t need to be constantly checking who called or sent them a message. They also shouldn’t need to leave the room to take a call unless you have a noisy environment or they have a good reason (e.g. your birthday or anniversary is coming up).

10. Withdraws from you sexually
If there are no medical reasons or aging/equipment issues then this is a potential red flag. I say potential because there are other reasons a partner could withdraw sexually and you could just be blind to the fact that they may be angry or upset with you. So, if this is your only warning sign…you may want to probe your partner about their feelings. If this is in concert with other signs on this list then I’d be really worried that your partner is cheating on you.

11. Comes home angry and takes it out on you
When anyone begins a new relationship they put on their “top hat and tails” and show their prospective new love only their best face. That’s a lot of wooing going in the opposite direction of you, so take a wild guess where they put any and all of their crappy negative feelings? Yes, sir or madam, right in your face! You will be getting all the reserves of negative feelings, lashing out and general disgust. This could cause a fight in which you are likely to get angry, lash out and /or make you not want to spend any time with them. This is how unfaithful people make themselves “a victim” who deserves better and justifies, in their mind, being unfaithful to you. They will leave and go meet their lover or start emotionally cheating right under your nose in your house. If this is happening to you, you need to confront the situation or better yet start packing. If you still need more proof, hire a private investigator or invest on some tracking software.

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