10 Things Every Bachelor Needs in His Kitchen

There really is nothing sadder than the average bachelor’s kitchen. It’s empty to the point of looking unused. There is always, of course, the week old pizza box located in the half empty fridge along with some rotten fruit and spoiled milk. Now perhaps these kitchens are more of a trap for men who want to attract women who will cook for them but most likely these are men who grew up in a home where mom did all the cooking so they saw no need to learn how to do more than make ramen noodles. So let’s help these poor guys out and give them a list of 10 basic things that will make their kitchen more functional.

1. A microwave.

The microwave is a moron proof cooking device that even children can use safely. It allows you to do all your shopping in the freezer section of the store as well as re-heat that left over pizza.

2. Can opener.

You can probably get one of your mom’s old ones with no questions asked. This allows you to feed yourself when the electricity goes out since we all know you love to eat right out of the can to save yourself from doing dishes.

3. Coffee Maker

Now pay attention because this is important fellas. Get yourself a fancy electronic coffee maker so that you can set it to start your coffee before you get up. This way it doubles as an alarm clock so you’ll never be late again.

4. Electric frying pan

These little gems are handy when your stove is covered with dirty dishes and you’re too tired to wash dishes. They great for one pot dinners plus you can plug them in closer to the living room so you can watch tv while you cook.

5. Slow cooker

These are great when you have to work late. You throw a big piece of meat inside with some BBQ sauce and go. When you get home you’ve got a giant pot of over cooked meat you can pull apart with a fork and slap onto a piece of bread. Cooking doesn’t get much easier than this boys.

6. Bottle opener

Every kitchen needs a bottle opener just in case you have company and they aren’t sure how to use the edge of your counter to open up that bottle of suds.

7. Cork Screw

Because even if you don’t drink wine eventually you’ll meet a girl who does and you’ll want to use one of these to look like you know what you’re doing.

8. A Cookbook

A used cookbook is best for the bachelor’s kitchen for several reasons. It looks like you use it regularly. It also won’t hurt it if you splash food on it while you’re trying to use it. There is also the added bonus of impressing the ladies when they see that you’ve got one that actually looks used.

9. A Spice Rack

You’re gonna need this for several reasons. One reason is that cooking food requires actually spices beyond the little foil packet that comes with your ramen noodles. Another is that if you’re lucky enough to meet a woman who wants to come over and cook for you she’ll need this to do an adequate job. And most importantly, your mother will see it and actually think she did a good job teaching you how to take care of yourself.

10. Glass drinking glasses

As nice and functional as your collection of mismatched plastic cups are it’s always nice to have glass glasses just in case you have company over that is older than 10. They not only look nice but they give off the impression that you’re adult enough to keep glass around without breaking it and that’s always impressive to a lady.

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