11 Genius Unethical Life Hacks (Inspiration)

We probably shouldn’t try these tricks in real life. But they are still pretty genius and funny to think about. Here are 11 genius unethical life hacks that will make you laugh:

1. Buy a “Baby on Board” sign no matter your parenting status. That way, you will be the first one the paramedics save if you are in a car accident.

2. Next time you have a flat tire, take a picture of it. Then use it to get out of the next event you don’t want to attend.

3. Tell your cable provider that you want to stop their subscription. They will likely offer you some extra channels to keep your business. When the offers are over, repeat the process. This may get you free channels for a while.

4. Steal an orange traffic cone and throw it in your trunk. You can use it to save a good parking spot.

5. Next time you want to call in sick at work, tell them you have “family problems” so they won’t ask you any questions.

6. When you are on the phone with someone you don’t want to talk to, tell them that your phone is about to die and hang up.

7. Is your taxi driver driving too slow? Start coughing and sneezing all over the car and watch how they speed up to get you out of there.

8. Want to find a cheap car? Look in the obituaries. There will likely be people looking to sell cheaply to liquidate assets at a good price.

9. Spill a drink in the seat in front of you at the movie theater to keep anyone from sitting there.

10.Are there noisy kids playing in your street? Post signs warning people that there is a predator in the area.

11. Craigslist hack. When you want to buy something on Craigslist, send a few insultingly low offers from burner emails. Then send a reasonable offer from your real email account. They will likely accept your offer.

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