11 Types of Feminists That Need to Be Stopped

Feminism has been a hotly debated topic as of late, with many people – men and women – seeing no more need for it in the United States while others think it has gone way too far in its attempts to make women superior to men. Many still believe that females still aren’t equal to men and thus say that even in our progressive society, feminism is still necessary.
No matter your position on the matter, I think we can ALL agree that there are some kinds of “feminists” who would be better off being shot straight into the sun.

1. The “Now That I Have A Daughter” Male Feminist
While guys usually say this so as to have some sort of footing in a feminist discussion, it puts women off. When you say it, we hear “I didn’t really feel like you deserved any rights but now that it affects me, I’ve changed my mind!” This may not be what you mean, but it’s what comes across. Find another way to voice your opinion, but for the love of all that is cute and fluffy I beg you to stop using this phrase.

2. Feminists Who Defend Sexual Predators
There is a difference between waiting patiently for the facts surrounding a sexual assault claim to come out, and defending the accused without a second thought. Celebrity feminist and controversial actress Lena Dunham once issued a tweet saying “Things women do lie about: what they ate for lunch. Things women don’t lie about: rape.” Such an absolute statement leaves no room for misinterpretation, right? Perhaps that’s why it was so surprising that she came to the defense of Murray Miller, co-writer for the HBO series “Girls,” in which Dunham stars. Miller was accused of raping actress Aurora Perrineau when she was 17, which Lena was quick to write off as “one of the 3% of assault cases that are misreported every year.” A far cry from her “100% of women are telling the truth when they claim to have been raped” tweet, right? Not long after issuing an inane statement in defense of Miller, she was forced to slap together a groveling apology, something that you could almost set your watch by, at this point. This is exactly the kind of feminist the world doesn’t need.

3. The Male-Hating Feminists
While most feminists will tell you that their movement is about equality, there is a loud minority of women (and men) who seem to hate everything about the male gender. One man’s fault is suddenly a condemnation of the entire sex, and men are getting sick of it. It has successfully alienated an entire group of people (including women who may not be fully on board with modern feminism) from joining in the conversation and moving forward the business of equality in our nation. Treating men poorly makes the movement less sympathetic, and has even pushed a lot of women to defend their male counterparts from the needless attacks which is bad for feminism as a whole. If you find yourself reading a story about one man doing something terrible and thinking “men are garbage,” then you need to re-evaluate your stance. You’re not helping your cause.

4. The “Everything is Sexism” Feminist
It seems like nobody can have a negative opinion about a female without being declared a sexist or misogynist. For instance, when Hillary Clinton was running for the Presidency in 2016 it seemed that anyone who criticized her – however legitimately – was called a sexist and their opinions ignored. Women are not exempt from the realities of life (and they are numerous and harsh) and reminding everyone you have genitals just makes us uncomfortable. Stick to calling out legitimate examples of sexism and stop trying to find new, innocuous things to label. “Mansplaining” doesn’t mean anything, and “manspreading” is a normal action that everyone does. Stop putting “man” in front of words to make them evil.

5. Men Who Embrace Feminism To Get Laid
We all know at least ONE guy who has dedicated himself to the cause of feminism for all the wrong reasons. He seems to believe that marching for equality and wearing “This Is What A Feminist Looks Like” shirt will get him a girlfriend, despite the fact that he has the personality of wet cardboard and looks like a foot. Saturday Night Live skewered these fake feminists on their show in a MUST SEE video that will have you laughing for days, whether you identify as a feminist or not.

6. Feminists Who Use Children to Push Their Agenda
I hate anyone who uses children to promote their beliefs. With a passion. Unless your job is working with children, or children’s right issues, keep them out of your propaganda. Since we’re talking about feminists specifically, I also hate those who think that putting children in their videos is somehow going to change the opinions of those who oppose the ideology. You’re appealing to emotions rather than logic, and it proves to many that – regardless of where you fall on any political spectrum – you can’t back up your beliefs with fact or intelligence. And anyone who still holds a contrary opinion just hates children. Stop doing this. Just let kids be kids, okay? Jeez.

7. Feminists Who Complain About Compliments From Men
This could go hand-in-hand (but don’t hold hands though because patriarchy or something) with the whole “hating men” thing, but this is so absurd that I think it deserves its own category. So there’s yet another made-up category of “sexism” called benevolent sexism. Apparently men being nice to women, complimenting them, holding the door, walking them to the car, giving them flowers, etc., is its own form of sexism. We used to have a term for this… hold on… Googling… oh yes, CHIVALRY. Not everything a man does, says, thinks, or eats is meant to hold women back. Maybe, just maybe, they’re actually a nice dude who doesn’t want to slam a door in your face? Maybe they bought you flowers because the flowers were pretty and he thought of you, because he thinks you’re pretty? Maybe he brought you a salad for lunch because he was concerned that too many nights of Taco Bell and McDonald’s was ruining your insides, and he wants to make sure you have enough necessarily vitamins and minerals in your body to keep functioning like a normal human being? Not everything a man does is a form of sexism. Just, stop. Let people be kind, and let people enjoy being kind.

8. Feminists Who Trash Other Women
I. Have. Had. It. You can’t call yourself a feminist and actually carry that title while still trashing women. For instance, when a female conservative ends up in the news, we have a bunch of male “feminists” hoping she gets raped, shot, assaulted, etc., because she’s not a feminist. Don’t believe me? Visit the Twitter pages of prominent female conservatives. Their comments are full of pure toxicity from men and women who have “dedicated themselves to correcting the plight of women” yet somehow they all missed the memo about that including women with different opinions. Oh, and when called out on their behavior, they hide behind their “feminism” as if it’s supposed to protect them from being trash. “Feminists” like this are nothing but garbage, and should be treated as such.

9. Radfems Who Write Of Trans People
Regardless of how you feel about the whole Transgender debate, it’s safe to say that there is a group of militant feminists in the country who don’t view the transgender community as “real women” and oppose even more vigor that we have seen from the right. They believe that even if you are a MTF trans person, you still carry your “male privilege” with you, and it’s something that never goes away. You are just a man attempting to invade the female space. If you’re a FTM trans person, radfems believe you are just a delusional woman who is trying to fit into a male-dominated society and are a victim of the patriarchy. They are arguably the least inclusive kind of feminist, and even the LGBTQ community has had it with their shenanigans. All of the infighting isn’t a good look for the left-wing groups, but radfems have got to go.

10. The “Cosmo” Feminist
If you get your feminist opinions from publications like “Cosmopolitan” who are quite openly hypocritical when it comes to how men and women should be treated, you’re probably not actually a feminist. Women read this magazine as if it’s some sexual holy grail that occasionally offers clothing advice and interviews of high-profile women who grudgingly agreed. I can’t take seriously any “feminist” outlet that runs articles on how men getting turned on by a woman’s orgasm is bad, how men ogling women is bad, but we should all be looking at pictures of a man’s junk in a speedo because WOWEE! Not to mention they run fluff articles regularly about how men are bad and it just gets a little tiresome. Just show me the “101 Sex Positions That Will BLOW HIS MIND” and stay in your lane.

11. The Male Feminist Who Thinks They Are A Gift To Women
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that there aren’t any male feminists out there who legitimately believe in the cause, but there are plenty (like Matt McGorry) who think that they are single-handedly carrying the cause of feminism on their shoulders for the male gender. They encourage men to become feminists as a “gift” to their woman on Valentine’s Day, and they push the cause so hard that it’s cringe-worthy. They’re almost as bad as the feminist who see everything as offensive to the female gender until it’s proven to be otherwise. It’s like they live and breathe feminism as a way to apologize for being born as a male. It’s so terribly annoying that they deserve to be shot into the sun.

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