12 Hilarious Wrong Number Conversations You Need to See

With billions of people on the planet, it’s extremely easy to input the wrong number into your phone and sent a text to someone who is not the intended recipient.
Not all of these “wrong number” exchanges are funny.
But a lot of them are.

1. I don’t think they like their neighbor very much

2. Damn it, Chris!

3. AWK

4. New Rule: All wrong number texts shall be answered with cat pictures

5. This is just evil

6. True love knows no phone number

7. Well, he’s not wrong.

8. Accidentally busted

9. That’s one way to get Jehovah’s Witnesses to leave you alone

10. Now this one just made me sad

11. No, but that would be a good reason!

12. That will be the last time he texts a number without double-checking

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