12 pictures politicians wish were never taken

1. British Labour Leader Ed Miliband ate a bacon sandwich – awkwardly – which became an internet meme.

2. US President Barrack Obama was caught taking selfies at Nelson Mandela’s funeral, which sparked controversy.

3. Perennial presidential candidate John McCain looks like he’s super-awkwardly trying to grab Obama’s butt.

4. Kim Il-Sung had a baseball-sized calcium growth on his neck, which he was very sensitive about; he forbid anyone from photographing him when it was exposed. But of course, occasional unflattering photos eventually did leak out.

5. During the 2004 election, John Kerry was constantly fighting the impression of many Americans that he was an effete, out of touch liberal elite. This photo of him cringing away from the football seemed to confirm it.

6. After taking this unflattering photo of French president Hollande, several newspapers pulled the image from its websites, sparking accusations of censorship.

7. That time a turkey became overly familiar with George W Bush.

8. An unflattering photo of Geert Wilders made him appear weird and angry.

9. Gerald Ford took a header on some slippery stairs.

10. Gary Hart cozies up to Donna Rice on the yacht, Monkey Business. The image dashed his political hopes.

11. First Lady Rosalynn Carter shakes the hand of serial killer John Wayne Gacy. Possibly the most disastrous political image ever.

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