13 Cringe-Worthy Pregnancy Photos

Pregnancy is supposed to be one of the happiest times of a woman’s life. It makes you so ecstatic that you just need to share the news with everyone who will listen, which is the point of a pregnancy photoshoot.

Sometimes, however, they turn out a little… well see for yourselves.

1. It seems like only mom is excited. Wonder why?

2. Keepin’ it classy

3. People shouldn’t have nightmares from your pregnancy photos.

4. Me-ouch

5. Lemme guess… sports fan?

6. I endorse nothing that is going on in these photos

7. *frowns deeply*

8. I’m extremely uncomfortable

9. I noticed you’re fishing for attention. Would you like some more bait?

10. No, tells us how you really feel.

11. Oh that’s just in bad taste

12. Think they’re related to the couple in #11?

13. Alrighty then…

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