13 Hilarious Closed Signs

It seems simple enough to let the public know that a business or road is closed. Right? Well, don’t let this simplicity fool you. Where there is ‘the human touch’ there is bound to be failure, sarcasm, irony or bad grammar to bring the humor to such an innocent assignment. So let the hilarity begin:

1. Are you sure about that?

2. Um…okay.

3. Instructions coupled with sarcasm….well played.

4. Should be closed to go back to skool.

5. I’m guessing the road is not only closed but totally gone at this point.

6. Happens so often that they had a sign made? Time to find a new place to swim.

7. Nice word. Wrong usage but at least it’s actually a word.

8. Well that’s nice and direct.

9. Anymore questions?

10. Yeah, you’re gonna need a new route if you see this sign.

11. So good luck getting here on the right day(s)?

12. So they have an extra month over there in England eh?

13. There’s honesty and then there is this….

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