13 Odd Speed Limit Signs

Not all speed limit signs are posted by the county, city, state or federal government. Many are posted by private property owners so their limits are less than “traditional” or what we’re used to seeing. But in places like Montana there are actual government speed limit signs that most people have never seen. Of course all of these signs are merely suggestions unless there is law enforcement present to enforce said limits. So while we’re all expected to respect these signs based on the honor system it’s still funny to see the occasional “odd” speed limit sign dictating to us.

1. Yes this is a real speed limit sign in the state of Montana.

2. His road, his rules.

3. A private company with a sense of humor.

4. Small towns don’t mess around.

5. Okay, this is just funny or mean depending on your point of view.

6. And when you mix reality with Photoshop you get this.

7. Another private business showing off its sense of humor.

8. Because 19 is just way too fast for these parts.

9. Drive 10mph to see the times when you have to drive 25mph.

10. Yeah, not creepy at all.

11. Well it rhymes so it must be true.

12. This is a great sign for a suburban neighborhood run by an HOA.

13. When you bring “honor” into it then it forces us to be our best.

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