15 Amazing Life Hacks that will Make Your Day-to-Day Life Super Comfortable

Looking for some quick and easy tips to save time and money and to make your life easier?

Here are 15 amazing life hacks that will make your day-to-day life super comfortable:

1. Place your cell phone in a toilet paper roll for a quick and easy speaker…

2.Tie a piece of bright-colored ribbon or fabric to your luggage. It makes it much easier to identify if it is your bag or not.

3. Light a stick of spaghetti to light the hard-to-reach candles to avoid burning yourself.

4. A quick and easy way to organize your electronic cords:

5. Waterproof your shoes with bees wax.

6. Use a muffin tin for condiments at your next cookout.

7. How to make extra space in your kitchen cabinets:

8. How to organize your linens: Use a pillowcase from a sheet set to keep the rest of your sheets in.

9. Use a clear plastic shoe rack to organize your cleaning supplies.

10. Use frozen coffee cubes to keep your iced coffee drinks from getting watered down.

11. How to fold a fitted bed sheet:

12. Stack your clothes vertically in a drawer so you can see them all.

13. Use soda can tabs to save space in your closet.

14. How to open a bottle of wine if you don’t have a corkscrew:

15. To sharpen and extend the life of your razor, run the razor across an old pair of jeans.

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