15 Awkward Moments We Can All Relate To

With seven plus billion people sharing this rock with us we’re bound to have more than a few awkward moments happen to us. The good news is that most of us notice these and just say “been there, done that”….but that doesn’t make the moments better for the folks they happen to. So let’s take a stroll thru the list of awkward moments we can all relate to whether we like it or not.

1. Burping while you talk. We’ve all done it and it’s no biggie but it’s still awkward to see the expression on the other person’s face.

2. When you can’t really hear the person who’s talking to you so you just smile or say “oh, really?” hoping it fits with what they said.

3. Walking toward someone walking toward you only to have both of you try to take the same path to avoid each other. Then you both jut the same direction (usually more than once) to avoid each other.

4. Telling a joke only to get the punchline totally wrong then trying to retell it and end up making it so much worse.

5. Having someone say hello to you and start talking to you as if they know you before you realize you do know this person but can’t remember who they are or where you know them from.

6. Calling your current partner (boyfriend/girlfriend) your ex’s name.

7. Calling your teacher “mom” or your mom your teacher’s name.

8. Waving at someone you think you know only to have them ignore you because you don’t actually know them.

9. You hear someone talking and you think they’re talking to you so you answer only to find out they’re on their Bluetooth headset.

10. Cleaning the pockets out before you do laundry only to find a condom in your kid’s clothing.

11. Folding laundry and coming across your parents’ underwear.

12. When you’re in public and go to sit down in a chair only to have someone else try to sit in the same chair at the same time.

13. You see a cute guy/girl and start to go over to talk to them only to have their significant other show up at the exact same moment and look at you.

14. Get seated on an airplane and have the stranger next to you fall asleep on you.

15. Having to sit through the entire “Happy Birthday to You” song not knowing what to do or how to look.

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