15 Bad Haircuts That Will Make You Hug Your Hair Stylists

We’ve all had that one haircut that made us want to cry. Maybe your layers didn’t come out how you wanted, or your stylist took more off than you had anticipated. Whatever you hair horror story, it can’t be any worse than what these unfortunate souls endured.

1. But… why?

2. He doesn’t need prison. That haircut is punishment enough.

3. You can’t convince me that this ever looked good

4. When your hair stylist is afraid of nicking your ear with the razor.

5. I don’t even know what they were going for with this one

6. Speechless

7. We all want to wear a halo but…

8. Arrested for crimes against fashion

9. This is what happens when you fall asleep around a toddler with clippers

10. Ack! I’m sorry your parents hated you

11. They say nothing in the world is actually random, but the placement of that braid comes pretty close

12. The person who needs to be doing time is your stylist

13. It’s like an edgy reverse mullet… I don’t like it

14. What in tarnation…

15. The Mohawk: You’re doing it wrong

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