15 Disturbing Sights Seen in Public Bathrooms

Nothing is sacred anymore. Used to be that you could venture into a public restroom and see the same basic stuff no matter where you were. Lots of tile, a couple of sinks, perhaps a nice hand dryer and some stalls which contained private toilets. And thanks to civilized parenting most everyone was raised to be neat, clean and quick about their “business”. Nowadays, however, opening a public restroom door is just as much of a gamble as buying a scratch-off ticket….GOOD LUCK!

1. “Lady, read my lips, this is not your restroom”.

2. Public restroom, pubic hair salon….same difference?

3. Shooting fish in a barrel is one thing but come on now….really?

4. A little too much “pubic” in this public restroom!

5. Okay, there is cautious and then there is this….

6. How is everything in this stall clean except the leg decorations?

7. Note to self: If you hear a camera just stay in your stall to avoid seeing this kind of thing.

8. The urinal doesn’t bother me nearly as much as the number of low placed mirrors.

9. Yep someone did that on purpose. Let that sink(ha ha) in a bit!

10. If that’s how much glitter fell out just imagine how much is still in there!

11. More disturbing than the urinals is the outdoor location.

12. HOLY?

13. Why is this a thing?

14. And who decides the photo selection?

15. Let’s guess which on is used the least. (My bet is the one on the far right)

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