15 Drunk Photos You Definitely Don’t Want to be in

Almost all of us have been to at least one great party in our lifetime. And for those who didn’t leave after last call it was even more memorable because they’re the ones who rewarded the drunkest party goers with a picture to document one of their most humiliating moments. For those who passed out at the party you can almost guarantee they woke up with their faces covered in makeup or worse and for others who didn’t pass out but did some real stupid stuff they too had their special moments captured forever by those they may have considered friends. And thanks to the internet we can all enjoy those photos without having to actually attend the party and risk becoming the star of a photo ourselves.

1. Well, she’s got a nice smile so there’s that.

2. So drunk she passed out but not too drunk to walk in those shoes? WOW!

3. Dude, that’s not where that goes.

4. At least they cared enough to make sure he was secure.

5. I’ve heard of street walkers before but not street sleepers.

6. That drunk and didn’t spill her beer? I think we’re looking at a pro here.

7. Her head is inside so technically she made it home.

8. I’m willing to bet this is not how the scenario went when he dreamed about it.

9. Not just flexible but drunk flexible.

10. That’s one way to prevent your friend from driving drunk eh?

11. I’m sure that tree was asking for it. We’ll ask him in the morning.

12. Those awkward position photos just never get old.

13. It would appear that his chair was also drunk enough to pass out.

14. There is always that one drunk who just hangs around all night.

15. Humiliating a drunk level? EXPERT!

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