15 Hilarious Animal Fails That Will Make You Feel Guilty For Laughing

We all make mistakes and animals are no different. Sometimes it’s due to curiosity and other times it’s just plain bad timing. In any event there is nothing funnier than catching animals at their worst. These animals’ fails are too funny not to share. Good thing for them that they can’t use the internet or they’d be even more embarrassed.

1. I bet he never goes after that bird feeder again.

2. That grass doesn’t seem so much greener now eh?

3.Who’s brave enough to help this poor guy?

4. So close yet so far….

5. The jackhammer is going to give this old girl such a headache.

6. Wish we could have seen how this happened.

7. The dog eating couch is at it again.

8. If you want to get away with getting into the trash try not to wear the evidence.

9. The symbol of Freedom is stuck in this car because of Hurricane Matthew.

10. So….it’s time to get this dog a haircut so he can see what he’s doing.

11. Wait until mom finds out.

12. I bet he feels like a real ass right about now.

13. Fat cat stuck in a diet soda box. Ironic?

14. Just get him a doggie door already.

15. Can’t even imagine what this horse is thinking right now.

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