15 Images That Will Ruin Your Childhood

We all have special characters that we loved from our childhood books, television and movies that just seeing them brings back a wealth of good memories. I have so many treasured memories not only from my own childhood but from my children as well. I went on a mission to find pictures of those beloved icons in situations that will ruin those memories for you, your children and even possibly your grandchildren. The goal here was to ruin your childhood. Why did I do this? Because our current political climate is so heated and serious, we have forgotten what it’s like to just laugh and shudder about silly things. I hope you enjoy these silly images or at the very least throw up in your mouth a little.

1. Eeeeeeew

2. Oh Arthur please say it’s milk!!!

3. Andy’s girlfriend is a tramp.

4. That will not go, please just say no!

5. Why so angry Donald?

6. I knew it all along.

7. Don’t do it Arthur!!

8. Exactly!!! Fairytales are lies perpetuating the patriarchy or something.

9. If you use a bit of lube…even Cinderella’s mice were working too hard!

10.Lickitung…I can’t.

11. Now…who wants ice cream?

12. Not so hard Ed!

13. Bart Simpson…

14. Heman is pedophile…great.

15. Buster and Arthur are super close…

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