15 Mind-Blowing Pictures Untouched by Photoshop

Photoshop is one of the coolest things invented for graphic design but it’s not cooler than what we can find in nature if we but look. Below are fifteen awesome pictures I found that were not touched up by photoshop or any other program. These are things that are in nature or manmade but all are beautiful and mind blowing.

1. Wisteria trees in Japan.

2. Saturniidae caterpillar.

3. A room where every surface is a mirror.

4. A Pacific fruit-piercing moth.

5. Cool natural patterns in a salt mine.

6. A mountain casting a shadow in the sky.

7. Incredible picture of the sky during a meteor shower.

8. Amazing Japanese fireworks

9. Unbelievable body paint.

10. What happens when you set off fireworks in a tunnel.

11. The coolest way to stack coins ever.

12. An owl carved into the inside of a dragon fruit.

13. Awesome looking quartz.

14. The things a good makeup artist can do these days is astounding.

15. A Fibonacci succulent, also known as Aloe polyphylla.

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