15 Pictures of WIN

Winning is defined as gaining, resulting in or relating to victory in a contest or competition. There are many types of contests or competitions, some are organized and official and others are imagined as we have in the land of social media. Winning an imagined social media contest is not as easy as it seems. You must be declared the winner by some random stranger and even if you’re funnier or smarter than your opponent – you can still lose, if, the declaration comes from a minion. A minion is what we old people call a butt kisser or a brownnoser. Social media is loaded with minions of the political stripe so to win there means you must be either amazingly quick witted or lucky to have a servile minion panting after you. Below are fifteen examples of wins, some epic and some not but all true wins whether in life or social media. Enjoy!

1. Yeah this happened. Epic win…seriously epic. This is still burning millions!

2. And this is how KFC began…

3. That smarts!!!

4. I thought Nostradamus was French.

5. No…. she won’t.

6. I love it when they just tee the ball.

7. You win even when you lose…epic win!

8. Does anyone still use IE?

9. And her ability to use proper grammar.

10. Fatty meat shrinks though…

11. I see another t-shirt design in his future!

12. Our bad, yo! See? The burn still smarts.

13. That’s not very Christian.

14. Mother knows best.

15. Dad for the WIN!

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