15 Texts That Catch Cheaters

Sometimes texting is not the best form of communication. Some people clearly have a problem making sure they know whom they are texting before they begin typing. For those people actual phone calls may be a better form of communication. Other people just catch themselves by being overly confident in their ability to lie. So if you’re a cheater be warned that texts aren’t always a good thing.

1. Oops!

2. One less ‘Mother of the Year’ contestant.

3. These kids are learning about cheating and bribery from their own parents!

4. Situational awareness is far more important than cheaters realize.

5. Next time pick a bar out of town.

6. Or you could ask “What?” before you go off the handle and blow it.

7. Check the recipient twice before you send a message that can ruin your life.

8. Just turn your phone off because your friends might suck at covering.

9. When trying to hook up with your gf’s friend know where your gf is first.

10. Again, attention to details (like knowing the recipient) is very important.

11. She’s better off since he’s this stupid.

12. Well, that was just plain mean.

13. She’s getting the better end of the deal.

14. Poor mom. She just wanted some peace and quiet.

15. Just more proof that actual phone calls make more sense.

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