15 Times Yelp Reviews Got Out of Control

Reviews on Yelp are supposed to help you pick out what establishments are popular among the average people who stay there. They can help you avoid a hotel with a bed bug infestation, or pick out a restaurant you never thought about going to.
Or they can be hilarious and lack any sort of information whatsoever.
Those are the best kind.

1. Wouldn’t you?

2. At least the chicken was good

3. Way too much information, yet I can’t stop reading

4. It’s a conspiracy, man.

5. Those left-handed forks are a menace to society.

6. This was a rollercoaster of emotions

7. Well that’s one way to break up, er, or not.

8. Darn gravity

9. Flavor?? These people are MONSTERS!

10. But… is the bunny okay?

11. Its gets better as you read on

12. A restaurant with a purpose, I like it

13. Tell me how you really feel

14. Don’t care. 5 stars.

15. Where can I pre-order this video game?

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