18 Pinterest Fails That Make You Wonder If They Even Tried

Pinterest is a spectacular place that inspires people to make their own crafts and uniquely decorative food products. Sometimes they’re extremely difficult to recreate, but the fails are almost as awesome as what the item is supposed to look like.
For your visual pleasure…

1. You Almost Had It!

2. This is a full-body cringe moment.

3. So close yet… Not at all

4. Homemade Samoas. Well, kinda.

5. From vintage chic to junkyard find

6. Custom etched bottles only work when the stencil doesn’t move

7. Okay, did she even try?

8. That’s a crime scene waiting to happen

9. Well, at least the fail is sweet!

10. ACK! No wonder kids don’t like broccoli!

11. Well at least it’s… cube… shaped

12. Maybe it won’t taste like complete and total failure

13. I wouldn’t drink that if you paid me

14. Krampus’ minions?

15. They look like uncooked hamburger patties

16. Looks like a snail that needs an Immodium

17. Oh… ew…

18. I don’t know what this is supposed to be, but I want no part of it

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