19 examples of douchebags

1. The Classic Douchebag with his douchebag posse

2. Ridiculous hair – both on his head and face. The girl looks happy with him though, so maybe this is the very rare nice douche.

3. The old douche. He’s been going to the same pathetic bar for a decade, and he’s never bothered to update his look.

4. The male douche / normal female couple – very rare to spot in the wild.

5. The Lady Douche / normal dude couple – also very rare.

6. The Lady Douche. Spotted with numerous other male douches who desperately want to bone her. She is in her element here.

7. Double douches – sometimes brothers, more often friends, often enjoy the company of normal females.

8. The ‘local celebrity douche’, often identified by the presence of an embarrassed normal looking dude in attendance.

9. Group douche! Outside of lame dance clubs, douches can often be seen in swimming pools. Their preferred swim wear is cargo shorts.

10. Sometimes there are no good explanations for the douchery.

11. I like to image these are two gay guys with their straight friend who just broke up with a girl. They just gave him a make-over and are heading out to the club to find him a nice Lady Douche to hang with.

12. The violent, drunk douche.

13. A table of Lady Douches.

14. Classic Lady Douches enjoying an evening out.

15. This is what happens when young douches grow older – they just become older and douchier.

16. The weird-looking douche.

17. The crazy-eyed douche.

18. This douch is obviously very wealthy.

19. The bored (or dumb?) douche and his douche lady.

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