20 Behind the Scenes Photos That Will Wreck Movies For You

1. Shooting the MGM Lion

2. R2D2 on a Lunch Break (Star Wars)

3. Stay-Puft vs a Tiny NYC (Ghostbusters)

4. Frankenstein and His Monster Take Tea

5. Filming the Empire Strikes Back Opening Crawl

6. Spock in a Crew Neck (Star Trek II)

7. Those Scary Twins Are Still Unnerving (The Shining)

8. Roddy McDowell Lining Up A Shot (Planet of the Apes)

9. Director of the King of the World (Titanic)

10. Small Scale Time Travel (Back to the Future III)

11. Not Quite So Mind-Bending (Inception)

12. Taking the Helicopter to Mount Doom (Lord of the Rings)

13. A vintage Supersoaker (Sleepy Hollow)

14. BFFs! (Kill Bill)

15. French Fries with Fava Beans and a Nice Chianti (Silence of the Lambs)

16. Director Maul (The Phantom Menace)

17. Boba Fett is Every Dad (Return of the Jedi)

18. The Lesser Known Vesper Race Scene (Ben Hur)

19. Kermit Gets a Helping Hand (The Muppets)

20. Not Sure Those Costumes Are Authentic (Gladiator)

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