20 Best Cubicle Pranks

1. There are a lot of cubicle pranks that involve wrapping paper, but wrapping things in newspaper? That’s another ballgame. You have to undergo all of the frustrations of unwrapping everything, but also end up with newsprint all over your hands.

2. Poor Sergey. He comes back to work to find his cubicle filled to the brim with garbage.

3. Maybe this guy is really into playing in ball pits, but probably not at work. He doesn’t look like he finds it particularly funny.

4. Do you think this person is scared of rodents? Diabolical.

5. Speaking of weird animal-themed pranks, nobody likes bunnies this much, right? This is some crazy Easter decoration!

6. Do you think making everything useless was a commentary on this employee’s productivity?

7. One word: papercuts

8. Honestly, this seems like a dream. Sorry, I guess you’re going to have to e-mail me!

9. This employee is going to be finding packing peanuts stuck to things for months, right?

10. Is this a prank, or does this person just have a whole lot of work to do? Maybe the prank is that all of the coworkers piled their own work onto this person.

11. Office supplies in Jell-o. This one is a classic.

12. If you tell your coworkers about your secret fandom, what else do you expect?

13. Another twist on the classic of wrapping, this time individually wrapping the creamers inside of the coffee mug.

14. This one took some work, what with the plywood and the sawing. Nicely done!

15. This guy went to China for two weeks, and his coworkers were a little jealous.

16. This one is actually really sweet. Don’t go, coworker!

17. Can you solve Rubik’s Cube(icle)?

18. There are a few variations of this one. In some, it’s an optical illusion. In others…Chia pet!

19. Gross (although it may cut down on break times)!

20. How did this one even happen? This is some next-level stuff.

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