20 Brilliant Life Hacks

We all encounter a myriad of problems in our daily lives. So, any hack we can get that will help save time, energy, and money, is always welcome.

Here are 20 brilliant life hacks that you may want to try:

1. To save time, prepare two meals at the same time using a glass. Just keep one meal on top of the glass to make more room.

2. Cook two pizzas at the same time by cutting them in half and placing them in the oven as shown. This will cut cooktime in half.

3.Pringles containers make great containers for unused spaghetti noodles.

4.Here is how you can prevent sticky fingers from melting popsicles:

5. Use a small clamp to maximize your toothpaste.

6.Place a dry tea bag in smelly shoes to absorb the odor.

7.Close open bags by using cap and neck of empty bottles.

8.Putting your phone in airplane mode charges it twice as fast.

9.Use a can opener to open thick hard-to-open plastic packaging.

10.Use hooks to hang pan lids inside your cabinet doors.

11.Need a book holder while you cook? Use store hanger and clip your recipe book to it.

12. Don’t want your bra straps to show? Use a large paper clip and clip your straps together as shown below.

13. Rub a walnut on damaged wooden furniture to cover up dings.

14. How to make a bright light in a hurry.

15. Want a chilled beer in a hurry? Wrap a wet towel around the beer bottle and freeze for 15 minutes.

16. Need airtight clips? Use your store- bought hangers to seal your open food packages.

17. Not sure which side your next exit will be on the highway? Look to see if the EXIT sign is on the right or left.

18. Use a wooden spoon to keep boiling water from spilling out of the pot.

19.Place newspaper at the bottom of your trashcan to absorb food juices and to prevent leaks.

20. Use a clothespin while hammering a nail to protect your fingers.

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