20 Cheaters Who Finally Got A Visit From Karma

Once upon a time when a spouse was caught cheating the whole “affair” was kept quiet. It didn’t matter if the relationship ended or was repaired. No one talked about it openly. It was a quiet matter only mentioned by town gossips which led to enough of a shaming for the cheater. BUT in today’s world of social media communications and the need to free victims from shame, every single wrong doing people have committed is at risk of being publicized for all the world-wide-web to see. This worldwide public shaming is an electronic form of Karma that no one can undo or un-see….and aren’t we all grateful for that? And with that I present you with 20 Cheaters Who Finally Got A Visit From Karma:

1. If you look up I bet he’ll say “BOO”….

2. I bet Mike’s lady isn’t really looking for this dog….

3. He lost his girl and his tickets….

4. Is there any ‘piece’ worth a 130,000 dollar Audi? Apparently he found one.

5. When texting the other woman please triple check who you’re sending it to.

6. If you need a great party planner to plan your next scavenger hunt I suggest this gal…I’m betting she’s got the time.

7. Could this become a trend?

8. I guess this answers that question.

9. I’m guessing his next sign will be for the yard sale to get rid of her stuff.

10. The most unwelcoming ‘Welcome home” sign of all time.

11. Now here’s a yard sign worth slowing down to read.

12. When you’re too broke to afford a proper yard sign.

13. Karma’s mobile yard sign? (once he fixes those slashed tires of course)

14. Karma followed Dave to work.

15. Karma does have a sense of humor ya know.

16. Karma can also be caught on surveillance video.

17. Karma on a for sale sign.

18. When a greeting card can’t hold a candle to an 8’ banner.

19. At least his scooter is more interesting now, so there’s that.

20. Off to the Home Wreckers parade are we?

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