20 Disturbing Facts You Really Don’t Want to Know

1. The US Air Force came extremely close to detonating an atom bomb over North Carolina over 260 times more powerful than the Hiroshima bomb completely on accident.

2. Over 90 nuclear weapons are just missing and nobody knows where they are.

3. Bacteria are becoming resistant to our antibiotics so quickly that if nothing changes by 2050, drug resistant infections will kill more people than cancer.

4. Serial killers have been known to keep their captured victims alive for decades. It is entirely possible that a missing person presumed dead is in fact not dead, they’re just in captivity somewhere waiting for help.

5. If you have clothing in your dresser and food in your refrigerator, you’re in the richest 20% of people in the entire world.

6. You might already own the clothing that you’re going to be buried in.

7. Bears don’t typically kill humans right away like other animals, they just start eating you.

8. A woman died in the cistern of a hotel and her body sat there decomposing for days, and the guests drank and showered in the water that was getting increasingly darker as time went on. They only found out something was wrong when the water in the hotel was a deep red.

9. About 15% of the air that you breathe in at a train station is human skin.

10. There are literally millions of microscopic organisms living in your eyelashes right now, teeny tiny little creatures right by your eyes living their lives.

11. If your toothbrush sits out in the open in your bathroom, it collects fecal matter every time you flush the toilet.

12. Bamboo grows extremely quickly at over 3 feet a day, and can quite easily grow straight through a person. This used to be a torture method used in Vietnam.

13. The crew of the Challenger did not die instantly and were fully aware of what was going on until the point they hit the water at over 200 mph, where they were then killed instantly.

14. If an asteroid were to be on a collision course with Earth, there’s nothing we can really do about it, and that’s if we even notice it in time.

15. Most mattresses gain weight over time due to an accumulation of dust mites.

16. Due to the way the speed of light works, it is theoretically possible that the entire universe outside of our galaxy disappeared a long time ago and we don’t know about it yet.

17. A brain aneurysm could rupture at anytime, anywhere, to anybody, resulting in death, with no warning.

18. Used kitchen sponges are about as clean as human feces.

19. Crevasses (in glaciers) are V shaped, meaning if you fall into one, you won’t die from the fall. However, you will get stuck at the bottom. Your body heat will begin melting the ice, sucking your further and further into the crevasse. Eventually, it will become so tight that you won’t be able to expand your chest to breathe, and you will suffocate to death.

20. There are literally hundreds of corpses on Mount Everest, and they are used as way points for people trying to climb it. The bodies are too high up to be safely retrieved, so they are left there.

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