20 Eerie Last Known Historical Photographs

1. This is the last known photograph of RMS Titanic. It was departing Queenstown and heading for New York. Three days later, the ship would collide with an iceberg, the ship would sink and 1,513 people would perish.

2. This is the last known photo of Andrew McAuley, an Australian adventurer who was attempting to kayak 994 miles across the Tasman Sea in February of 2007. His kayak was recovered but McAuley has never been foun.

3. This is Chris Cornell, lead singer of Soundgarden, playing his last concert. He hung himself and died two hours after this photo was taken.

4. This is the last known photo of Robin Williams. He’s posing with Abby Albers, a server at a Dairy Queen near Williams’s rehab center, the Hazeldon Addiction Treatment Center.

5. The last known photo of Adolf Hitler, taken two days before he committed suicide. He stands outside his Berlin bunker, examining bombing damage. He’s pictured with Julius Schaub, his adjutant.

6. Nazi General Anton Dostler being tied to a stake, to be executed by firing squad in Italy’s Aversa stockade. He was the first Nazi General to be executed. He was convicted and sentenced to death by an American military tribunal for ordering the killing of 15 US prisoners of war who were captured on a mission to blow up a railroad tunnel behind enemy lines.

7. Sharon Tate, actress, photographed in her backyard on August 9, 1969. That night the Manson Family would brutally murder her and her four houseguests.

8. The last photo of Bonnie and Clyde in Joplin, Missouri, just hours before they were killed in a shootout with police.

9. This is the final photograph of Argentinian submarine ARA San Juan before it went missing with 44 crew members on board on November 15. It has been missing since.

10. John and Jackie Knill were visiting Thailand in December 2004. When an enormous tsunami hit, both the Knills lost their lives, but their camera was found on the beach with their bodies, a few weeks later. The images included the tsunami and a final selfie.

11. Jackass star Ryan Dunn was drinking with his friends hours before the high speed crash that killed him and his passenger.

12. Steve Jobs days before succumbing to pancreatic cancer after a fight that spanned several years.

13. Chris McCandless ventured into the Alaskan wilderness in April 1992. Shortly after this photograph, McCandless died of starvation.

14. James Dean died moments after this photo was taken. He loved his Porsche Spyder, but only had it nine days before he crashed and died near Paso Robles, California. Ironically he was on his way to a race.

15. The last known photo taken of Heath Ledger, taken the day before he overdosed.

16. Korean Airlines flight 007 was shot down over Soviet airspace in 1983. This is the last photo of the plane.

17. The last known photo of the RMS Lusitania. The Lusitania was a luxurious British ocean liner that the Germans sank. Because 128 Americans were on board, the US declared war on Germany and entered World War One.

18. John Lennon signs a photo for Mark David Chapman, the man who would shoot him just hours before killing the singer.

19. Marilyn Monroe visited Frank Sinatra and jazz pianist Buddy Greco the weekend before she died on Sunday, August 5, 1962.

20. The last known photo of Vladimir Lenin depicts the dictator confined to a wheelchair after three strokes. By this point, he was completely mute.

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