20 Epic Payback Photos

Payback, revenge or settling the score. It really doesn’t matter what it’s called when it happens to you. If you double cross someone, hurt them or just plain do wrong to others one day you’ll run across that one person who won’t take it lying down. When that day comes you’ll know it and so will the rest of the world thanks to the internet.

1. This is an interesting way to display those Private Investigator photos.

2. Dear cheaters, hide your sports car and the keys to your angry spouse’s truck.

3. Sorry to hear that Scott.

4. Well, everyone is good at something.

5. Moving billboards are a great form of advertising.

6. Good luck finding the car keys Graham.

7. That’s one use for old family photos eh?

8. Sounds like poor Ryan is about to become famous.

9. That’s an interesting form of ‘curb appeal’.

10. I’m sure his co-workers will enjoy their drive to work too.

11. Ouch.

12. Poor house.

13. Get that everyone? Don’t tell his wife and son.

14. That’s a whole new level of revenge.

15. Public shaming has so many options.

16. I’d have to agree with her on that.

17. Can he ever really be trusted again?

18. And now the fishing boat gets dragged into it….dang!

19. When your wife catches you and runs you out into the street naked.

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