20 Funny Ways to Spoil a Photo

Rosemary Ribner

1. Where is the car?

2. Pick me a winner!

3. It was neck and neck until….

4. This is what happens when Applebee’s does $1 margaritas.

5. What a Bozo!

6. It puts the lotion back in the basket…

7. This is what 7 ÷ 2 looks like in picture form.

8. I wonder what he’s thinking right now.

9. Angry ex photobomb.

10. Bad grandpa…bad!

11. Pugging for the camera.

12. That moment you realize your teacher is a creep.

13. Doesn’t everyone do the drunk middle finger?

14. Awkward!

15. When the preacher asks if anyone objects…

16. That’s gonna given them douche chills when he lands…

17. Creepy clown says what?

18. Still not sure who spoiled this picture!

19. Turtle bomb!

20. Ole’!

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