20 Hilarious Bumper Stickers

Sometimes you just feel the need to spread your message to the world and what better way to do that on the cheap than with a bumper sticker? Being stuck in traffic lets you preach to your captive audience without having to say a word. Some bumper stickers are informative, some are religious, some are political and some are just down right hilarious. And who doesn’t love to spread laughter to their fellow commuters? So if you want to take a peek at what other people think is funny then take a gander at this lineup.

1. Well then!

2. I’d say it was a joke but the Texas license plate changes things.

3. Well, is he wrong?

4. Funny and informational.

5. Honesty can be funny.

6. Tell me that this person’s boss uses a different parking lot.

7. Laughing at yourself is a gift.

8. Funny insults are still funny.

9. AcExtly!

10. Laughing at those stereotypes.

11. How to spot a bi-polar driver?

12. Not a cat person I take it.

13. Being blunt? Expert level.

14. Bing blunt must be a truck driver thing eh?

15. Logical yet funny.

16. Another one who needs to park far away from the boss.

17. Humor in a warning? Well done.

18. Yep!

19. Bragging taken to the next level?

20. Is this the sister the 1st bumper sticker was talking about?

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