20 Hilarious Cartoons That Only Dungeons and Dragons Fans Will Understand

Why would somebody spend eight hours of their Saturday sitting around a table, rolling dice? Because it’s freaking awesome, that’s why. You and your friends get to go on a magical adventure you’ll be talking about for years to come without ever leaving the house, fueled by pizza and Mountain Dew.

How can going out to a club or paying $20 to see a movie a team of Hollywood hacks contrived with a series of focus groups compare to THAT?

Without further ado, here are 20 cartoons (and a couple of memes) that will make D&D players laugh so hard, they’ll slap a kobold and call it Mama.

20. Nobody wants to die.

19. Though maybe some PCs (player characters) deserve to…

18. And there’s one of these in EVERY group:

17. And one of these…

16. And why do they always do this?!

15. And would it kill them to learn to cooperate with each other?

14. Because, as a DM (dungeon master), PCs always tempt you to do this…

13. …maybe even this. Just saying.

12. But they also entertain you with weird stuff like this:

11. And this…

10. And clever banter, like this:

9. Or this:

8. And this:

7. But it IS kind of a weird game.

6. And every creature you throw at them, they see like this:

5. And this:

4. Or they sabotage each other.

3. Or you get caught in bizarre conversations.

2. So then you pull one of these on them.

But this, number 1, is what it’s really all about!

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