20 Hilarious Menu Translations

We all know that a lot can be ‘lost in translation’ but something can also be gained. Entertainment. The best entertainment comes in the form of menu translations. There mere thought of eating ‘roasted husband’ may be less than appealing but reading it in print on a restaurant menu can give you a serious case of the giggles. What gives me the most joy is knowing that the folks at the printing companies hired to print these translated signs and menus didn’t seem to want to help fix them. Those are my kind of people. So let us enjoy what is ‘gained in translation’.

1. Because a warming oven is just too expensive?

2. Translator with a serious sense of humor.

3. Mother-in-law chicken?

4. What?

5. Probably as popular as their other menu item, ‘I don’t care’.

6. Well everything does taste better deep fried.

7. Came from the bathroom or puts you in the bathroom?

8. So there’s a Crap bird out there? Right? Please?

9. Fresh is always better than aged.

10. Wait. What size gym shoe are we talking about?

11. Gee….no Mumps?

12. Is that some sort of topping like sprinkles?

13. Chicken or Real Chicken? Sounds like a gamble to me.

14. Finally, the perfect menu item.

15. I can’t explain how much ‘Nope’ there is in this menu item.

16. Not even drunk and on a dare!

17. I just can’t.

18. At least they admit the double dose of shame.

19. Sure it’s fake. I totally trust that.

20. I wanna see how this is made. From a distance of course.

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