20 Kids Clearly Being Raised Right

In the age of social media it’s hard for parents who weren’t raised with the internet everywhere to do a good job raising their children right. There’s already a minefield of pitfalls for children out there without the threats by social media and worldwide exposure so parenting today is not easy. We, as parents, need to do far more than teach the basics these days. Thankfully there are plenty of parents who are taking control of their children’s upbringing despite all of today’s obstacles. To these parents….we salute you.

1. I bet this kid will never be a litter-bug.

2. Responsibility for one’s actions is a very important lesson.

3. Cooking is a form of self-reliance and a very important life lesson.

4. Teaching responsibility, humility, regret and respect with one poster.

5. Clearly this kid has learned the lessons of respect and appreciation.

6. I bet this kid stop being rude after this lesson.

7. Another personal responsibility lesson that won’t be forgotten.

8. Charity and service is never a bad lesson for children to learn.

9. Clearly this kids was taught the difference between good and evil.

10. Kindness taught early in life will last a lifetime.

11. Teaching about the repercussions of bad decisions is a must.

12. Kindness, helpfulness and teaching others what you have learned.

13. Speaks for itself.

14. Gardening can lead to farming and farming feeds the whole world.

15. Volunteering can never be taught too early.

16. Teamwork is another necessary life lesson that should be taught early.

17. Respect lasts forever.

18. A little humiliation goes a long way in teaching ethics.

19. One day she’ll actually thank them for this lesson.

20. So many lessons with one act of kindness.

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