20 Kids Who Are Clearly Being Raised Right

I love to see pictures of young children doing good and charitable things, it restores my faith in humanity and makes it easier to go back to my daily grind. I went on a hunt to find twenty great pictures of kids who are clearly being raised right and I hope it makes you feel great too!

1. Children at a Christian day camp.

2. Local food drive!

3. Nothing better than volunteering – these kids are doing it right.

4. Chores are an important tool for raising responsible adults.

5. R-E-S-P-E-C-T

6. Clearing the land to grow vegetable for the community.

7. Love.

8. This makes my heart sing!

9. Little girl donated her winnings to a homeless man.

10. Important family bonding raises great adults to put their family first.

11. Boys helping the elderly learn how to use a laptop.

12. This land is our land.

13. This little girl donated all of her birthday money on her 5th birthday (left) and again on her 7th(right) to feed poor children.

14. This young man gave his birthday money to a food bank and bought 420 meals for needy families with it.

15. NYC kids doing good deeds!

16. It’s the thought that counts!

17. This young man helping a stranger stay dry.

18. Helping hand…

19. Dental hygiene is important for good health.

20. Beautifying the community.

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