20 Lost Posters You Have to See

Have you ever lost something and decided to put up lost signs in your community hoping that someone would recognize your lost item and contact you? Well the people who put up these signs weren’t doing that. Not even close. No, these people have gifted senses of humor and have decided to use their free time to show off. So the next time you pass by a pole with a poster on it you may want to slow down and read it because it may just be the best thing you’ve seen in a while.

1. So he should be considered “armed and dangerous”?

2. Don’t play hide and seek with this guy.

3. If you figure out how to get lost time back please let the rest of us know.

4. I’ve never seen a person looking for their lost dinner before.

5. Too clever for words.

6. Right?!

7. A brilliant jerk.

8. Is he a teenager by any chance?

9. I sure hope it didn’t evaporate.

10. Hope it didn’t ‘Short Circuit’….

11. Stand still and it will find you.

12. How did they know it was $20 bills and not $100 bills? Hmmm?

13. Now try not to panic residents of McIntyre Hall.

14. Likes to foam at the mouth too?

15. This one could actually be real…lol.

16. Includes the tape? Love the dedication.

17. Boredom plus imagination equals ‘Burrito Unicorn’!

18. Funny, it doesn’t look like a “Vince”.

19. Perhaps he’s busy trying to find Nemo?

20. The only better than this poster is the calls he’s getting about it.

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