20 Memes That Totally Describe You in A Relationship

Have you ever seen a meme about relationships that made you laugh because it was so you? They almost always are because as humans we’re just not that different. Stereotypes about men and women are annoying to the very few who don’t conform to them…but most of us do even if we lie to ourselves and say we’re different. These 20 memes totally describe you in a relationship! (Even if you deny it)

1. This is every woman I have ever known.

2. Silently thinking “you need to be like this guy”.

3. Right?

4. Do not pass Go, do not collect $200…

5. We may be a bit clingy…

6. Ugh…

7. Boobs makes everything better.

8. This could be accurate.

9. Um, yeah.

10. Why do I do that?

11. Hormones…it’s always the hormones!

12. Why are you sleeping?

13. My inner voice is a psycho.

14. See? Totes psycho.

15. I need more sustenance than love.

16. Fear the hangry!

17. He’ll figure it out.

18. Commitment issues.

19. Cue the “why can’t I just find a nice guy” whine…

20. Trust issues are a thing.

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