20 Memes Women Will Love, But Men Not So Much

Men have some pretty dank memes about chicks, but we get irritated with y’all, too. All you have to do is enter one mom group on Facebook to see a good crop every day. We love you, but you’re on our last nerves.

So if you want to know what we’re annoyed about today (since we’re not speaking to you), take a peek at twenty memes that were never meant for male eyes.

20. Preach, sister.

19. It’s really very simple, if you’d just listen.

18. Seriously, just pay attention a sec.

17. Pobrecito.

16. We want Mexican. It’s just a fact.

15. Also, say this.

14. Or this might happen.

13. Hmmm.

12. Another thing that makes ya go hmmm.

11. Don’t be this guy.

10. Seriously.

9. Then you find us, and we’re all…

8. And also…

7. TBH this is annoying as hell.

6. Please stop doing this.

5. True. And her friends will help.

4. Mostly just feed us. This isn’t hard.

3. This is unacceptable.

2. Be this guy.

You make us crazy, but we still like looking at you.

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