20 Misspelled Signs That Will Make You Laugh

Signage is important to transmit information between people. Signs become more entertaining than informative when they are misspelled. Some misspelled signs maybe because of damage while others are created by those among who didn’t take school all that seriously. Let’s sit back and enjoy these misspellings and in some cases the irony they create.

1. Freudian slip perhaps?

2. Well, except to the schools who have properly spelled signs.

3. Little tiny periods could have made this so different.

4. The person who made this sign better be stocking up.

5. Please love her enough to not help her with her homework.

6. Good to know.

7. Free wife? Interesting bonus item.

8. So close.

9. If you can’t spot the mistakes go back to school. Not this school of course.

10. You’d think there would be a spelling test for this kind of job.

11. Hoping this sign is not for our troops.

12. Is that my new name or some kind of title?

13. Did they not see the proper way to spell it just a couple of inches above?

14. Ho Made? When do they have time to make soup?

15. If you need $50 park here.

16. Not to spelling excellence but other kinds I’m sure.

17. Cousins? Better than a free wife.

18. You’d think that a boss would know better.

19. “Our Way” is quite different than everyone else’s way.

20. This only reason to learn reading from this school would be to understand their signs.

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