20 Movies That Made Huge Mistakes You Completely Missed

1. North by Northwest-Boy in blue shirt plugs his ears at the Mount Rushmore cafeteria: Well it appears this scene was done several times, and the boy’s ears were hurting. Knowing what will happen with prop guns firing blanks and Eva Marie Saint (and a female extra) screaming we can’t blame the boy. Loud noises do hurt especially if you really have good hearing, and man the kids do have good hearing. Just not when they are supposed to do their school work and housework. Side Notes: This scene had to be done on a sound stage in California due the fact that park officials did not want this kind of action being filmed at Rushmore itself. In spite that, there were a few extras from South Dakota that were willing to make the trip to Cally. One of them is my own father who is in a white shirt and is about the walk behind the pillar just before hell breaks loose in the cafeteria.

2. Gone With The Wind-Gas Lamp with Electric Light Option complete with cord: After the raid, Ashley Wilkes was wounded, and Scarlett’s husband Frank Kennedy was killed. Melanie Hamilton helps out by holding her gas lamp with complete with electric cord attached forlightbulb options. When the movie’s storyline starts in 1861 however Thomas Edison was only just a teenager, and did not invent the electric lightbulb just yet.

3. The Terminator-Changing Police Car Wraps: The Terminator steals a police car with the numbers 1874 on. On the driver’s side you see the words “To Care and To Protect.” After the car crashes, the wrap is different. The motto now reads “Dedicated to Serve” and the police emblem has also been changed, not to mention the position and what is nice trim as well.

4. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl-Cowboy (with sunglasses) and Pirates: When Jack Sparrow says; “On deck, you scabrous dogs,” there is a man in a tan cowboy hat and shades that is taking in the sea. Hope he is working because I don’t want him to the walk the plank. In reality, just someone on the stage crew that almost broke the camera.

5. Gladiator-Chariot with a Gas cylinder: Gas can make it look like there is more dust flying around than normally. However, it can also turn into an overlooked goof when you put it under a chariot and set the movie in the time of the Roman Empire. They had the shopping mall (Yes, Really), but not the gas cylinder just yet.

6. The Wizard of Oz-Dorothy wears black shoes instead of Ruby Red: Either it was a continuity error or those Ruby Red shoes were just uncomfortable. This mistake happen during the scene in which Scarecrow and Dorothy are fighting with the apple trees along the “yellow brick road.” Did you know that Dorothy just can’t take off those Red shoes whenever she feels like it? Oh, just like the Wicked Witch of the West we forgot that Dorothy has to take the dirt nap first. Hey it’s a callous statement but true.

7. Forrest Gump-Apple Computer Letter in the year 1975: Gump receives a letter from Apple Computers. The letter is dated September 23, 1975. Trouble is Apple Computer did not exist until April 1, 1976. The letter thanks Grump for investing in Apple Computers. Apple would not become a public traded company until 1981.

8. The Aviator-Howard Hughes buys Chocolate Chip cookies in 1928: Trouble is Chocolate Chip cookies did not exist until the 1930’s. Man, how we take those chocolate chips for granted.

9. Independence Day-Empire State Building on a Center Street: That is great picture shot if want to make the famous build go bye bye, but there is no street corner leading to the Empire State Building.

10. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade-Book Burnings in 1938: Indiana Jones has to prevent his father’s book from being burned by in Nazis in the year 1938. The Fahrenheit 451 bonfires were more common in 1933 then when they had a much tighter grip in 1938, and most of these ‘bad books’ were long gone.

11. Malcolm X-Malcom X’s house is firebombed and then shouts for someone to call 911: Even the great Spike Lee either made a big goof or he just put in for dramatic effect. The 911 system would not be established until 1968, and sadly Malcom would not to live see that happen for he was assassinated by multiple gun shots on February 21, 1965. Side Note:Richard Dreyfuss was more believable in shouting ‘Call 911’ in the 1985 hit movie “Down and Out in Beverly Hills.” Just saying. Also, the first movie produced by Walt Disney Studios to get an R rating via its Touchstone Pictures imprint.

12. Saving Private Ryan- Captain Miller leans against a Ural M-63 after he is injured: There were motorcycles and related vehicles in World War II. The early motorcycles go back as far as 1885. The goof in this scene is the type of motorcycle. The Ural M-63 would not come into existence until 1963. That is 18 years after WWII ended.

13. The Green Mile-Death Penalty by Electric Chair in the state of Louisiana in the 1930’s: We know about the plot of an African-American man sentenced to death for the rape and murder of two white girls. We know he is to die by the electric chair. However, the books and movie made a great error regarding capital punishment in the state of Louisiana. Both the novel and movie take place somewhere in the 1930’s and death by electric chair would not be used in Louisiana until 1940. Stephen King using the creative liberties excuse? Very likely.

15. The Sound of Music-Crossing the Alps outside of Salzburg to escape Austria and into the country of Switzerland: While Austria does share its borders with Switzerland the closest town to that respected border is Vaduz. The border near Salzburg takes right into Bayern/Bavaria Germany. Not a good place to escape the Nazi’s grip, and we would have not enjoyed the legacy of the real-life legacy of the Trapp Family Singers nor the stage musical itself or the movie its based on. Maybe that is why you have to “Climb Every Mountain” including those creative liberty ones.

16. Schindler’s List-Plastic Stamp Pad: All stamp pads in the 1940’s where made of metal. Looks great if you shooting the movie in Black & White, and the plastic is colored black.

17. Raiders of the Lost Ark-A guy walking in 1980’s attire: The man to your left is wearing jeans and a T-Shirt. Very uncommon in 1930’s Egypt. I think this scene has Indiana Jones is drinking his sorrows thinking he lost Marion and a great setback to obtaining the Ark of the Covenant and keeping it out of the hands ofthe Nazis as well as best enemy René Belloq who wants to put Hitler in his place.

18. Back to the Future-1958 electric guitar: The guitar Marty McFly plays with the Starlighters in 1955 would come out three years later. It fits the times… but its just a bit ahead.

19. The Hurt Locker-Talk about YouTube: YouTube was not quite ready to go just yet.

20. Mr. and Mrs. Smith-It takes place in NYC: Yes, the story takes places in New York City, but the signs tell you it’s shot someplace else….Los Angeles. Good ole LA, were most motion pictures (including TV) are made.

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