20 of the Weirdest Things Ever Auctioned Off on Ebay

You would think that most strange things for sale would be found on Craigslist, but Ebay has its own fair share of bizarre products and they’re not embarrassed to show it.
Without further ado…

1. REAL Plastinated Heart Medical Oddity Preserved Wet Specimen Plastination

“This is a cruelty free made REAL plastinated pig’s heart on a wood base secured by brass wire. Through plastination, this heart will not decay and can be speculated up close with no preserving liquid obstructing the view!”

2. Willy Warmer Weiner Weener Knitted Sock

“If you want attention then this is it! Large or Small or in between, nothing beats a Warmer Weiner! One Size fits most men! It’s a heater for your peter! How funny is this people! You’ll never be freezing your balls off again when you wear one of these babies!”

3. Off-Road Commode – Trailer Hitch Toilet Seat

“Every sportsman needs his own throne, and the Off-Road Commode fits the bill with comfort and luxury to boot! Easily attaches to any 2in. receiver hitch and supports up to 500 lbs. The 1 5/16in. dia. steel tube seat is covered with soft, padded camo. A great gift for hunting, fishing and camping buddies! Not for use when vehicle is in motion. Can get slippery when wet.”

4. vintage hand-made crustacean carousel wind decoration

“This thing is so hard to show in pictures but it is truly a weird and amazing piece. Whoever made this must have been on drugs. This is a turning carousel of crustacean critters. It would be perfect for a beach home or turning in the wind outside of a house or made into a lamp. It is crazy!! It is 21″ in diameter and 9″ high. One of the wings of the tiny dragon fly on the very top of the carousel is broken off but it doesnt show much. See close up picture.”

5. Vintage Monkey Chimp Patient Butt Shot Doctor Office Nurse Figure Bizarre Ugly

“Super odd, highly detailed scene of nurse monkey giving inject to another monkey. Wood Base measures approx. 9 3/4″ x 5 1 /4″. Stands approx. 8 1/2″ in height. Cabinet, base and bed done in wood, figures appear to be made of either wood or hard plastic/resin material. Nurses cap is cardboard.The needle looks to have possibly been broken off with 1/2 in the monkey and the handle with the nurse. Looks like a toe of one foot may have flaked off, some spotting, yellowing of clothing fabric, a bit dusty from age, otherwise, looks pretty good. Note sold as is, as shown. Probably from the 70’s, would not think many have survived the years with this much detail intact.”


“A tiny pair of briefs sized for your hand 5-1/2″ waist, 95% cotton & 5% spandex Covers’finger crotch’”

7. metal chastity belt lock key guaranteed virginity DR Polasky bachelor gag gift

“this is a metal womans chastity belt. comes with a lock and key . the lock does work . brass tag on the front says guaranteed virginity DR. POLASKEY’S approved chastity protector . has hinges an the sides and bottom all hinges are loose . great conversation piece or a gag gift for that bachelor party . believe me this will be the life of the party . shipping will be $12.70 . any questions please ask .take a look at my other unique items . HAVE A GREAT DAY”

8. 9″ Poop Emoji LAMP Sparkle Textured Novelty RM3998

“This sparkling poop emoticon lamp is perfect for any emoji themed party or bedroom. Great table centerpiece! Fun GIFT! Lamp Measures 9 Inches. Textured Rubbery Finish. Hard Sturdy Plastic Circular Base. Attached A/C Plug Included.”

9. Bruce & Brandon Lee Cemetary Headstone Grave Photo-Framed w/ Crow trading cards

“This is a framed Kodak photo of Bruce Lee’s and Brandon Lee’s headstones. Both of these phenomenal men were taken way too soon.
Also inside the bottom of the frame are 3 trading cards from the movie The Crow, which was the last movie Brandon Lee made. He passed during the filming of The Crow, in which he played Eric Draven.
Overall measurements of the frame are approximately 10.5″ high x 8.5″ wide.
I actually bought this on Ebay many years ago and it hung in my office until now that I moved, and sadly, I just don’t have the wall space for it anymore. I would like for someone else to be able to proudly display it in their home or office.
This is an awesome piece to add to the collection of any Bruce Lee, Brandon Lee, Crow or Martial Arts fan!”

10. Accoutrements Inflatable Unicorn Horn for Cats New

“Your cat makes a show of being regal and in control, but you could turn all that around with this Inflatable Unicorn Horn for Cats. It’s a vinyl, 5-1/2″ (14 cm) long unicorn horn with a four-point elastic strap system that holds it comfortably on a kitty’s noggin. Why have just a regular cat, when you could have a uni-cat.”

11. Carnival Sideshow..2-Headed Baby..Banner and Freak Gaff Exhibit

“Authentic carnival freak show exhibit with advertising banner. Used on the midway – popular 2-headed baby show. This is a complete attraction that includes gaffed solid latex large two headed human full term baby that can be shown in or out of liquid. Passes up close inspection by patrons especially when shown in liquid (water) with coffee or food coloring added. Can be displayed dry or in jar or aquarium tank – see scans. Also included is a large vinyl heavy duty ( reinforced hems) banner with grommets around all sides for mounting outside the show. Banner is in like new condition and measures approx; 4 Ft. X 4 1/2 Ft. Excellent pictorial really draws the attention of midway customers. This exhibit is very popular at Hispanic events. Buyer receives the professional gaffed baby and banner to produce a complete midway show or conversation attraction for home or business. These realistic babies are very hard to find in this excellent condition – if at all. Winner pays $ 40.00 shipping charge. Available in U.S.A. only.”

12. Pizza Rock / Stone Pepperoni & Cheese Painted Earth Material w Crust 1 of a Kind

“This Pizza Rock has served well as a Paper Weight & I often use it as a Gag on friends when we order pizza. I just slap it down on a plate, which usually cracks or shatters, and then I offer it to any one who hasn’t heard of the incredible Pizza Rock Prior to that occasion. For a measly $650 you could have this amazing item in your home, or at work, you could even throw it in the garbage (not recommended). All I know is that one thing is for sure, you can’t eat it.”


“Brand new pair of realistic girls ballerina/dancer/gymnast soft silicone feet. High quality. Inner Bone Inside Color is Wheat. Long Toes. High Arch. These have a high arch, moving long toes. These feet are large and long and look so realistic. This will also include a free gift. Polished toe nail tips .. Easy to put on!!!! This foot simulation is created to look and replicate all curves of a women’s foot.”


“Ghost/Spirit trapped in large jar. DO NOT OPEN OR BREAK!”

15. One Pair of Instant Underpants! – Emergency Unisex Underwear!

“How many times have you gone out only to accidentally get your pants and underpants wet? Did you a cough get the best of you? Or maybe that Mexican food for lunch wasn’t the best idea? Whatever the reason you needed Instant Underpants. These underpants-in-a-can are compressed into a tight pellet that loosens when wet. You’ll never be caught without emergency undergarments again as long as you have Instant Underpants stashed in your glove compartment or purse. The disposable underwear are unisex and fit most children and small adults. Instant Underpants…for when crap happens.”

16. Latitude and Longitude Location of The Rabbit Bushes in California

“Buyer of listing receives the latitude and longitude (location information, not a physical object) of The Rabbit Bushes that is somewhere in California, USA. I am making the point here that I can calculate and sell a lat. long. location solely by using the Internet without ever going there or making any “USE” of the land. So how can this type of listing be illegal if it does not even DEPEND on any USE of the land. No commercial use, no special use, no any kind of use at all. I have never set foot there in my life. Gallery image is a bad sketch made solely by looking at the Internet. I have never been there, but satellites have imaged it. Seller reserves the right to list again after the first purchase (nobody has purchased so far).
Bottom line: I am selling two numbers, not a physical object.”


“The bid is for one Jivaro Shrunken Head. This is THE GRAY HAIRED MODEL with soft dark gray hair, indigenous features, no facial hair. He has a feathered chonta arrow piercing his nostrils. The head was individually crafted from alpaca hide and hair in Ecuador by a talented artisan using methods comparable to original tsantsa (head shrinking). Note the improved ears, very realistic! The head is about 5″ tall (not including the hair and strings) and comes with a jute hanger for display which can be easily removed if you prefer. The real skin construction is very light, perfect for hanging! Will ship immediately upon payment, Priority Mail (in the US) and First Class International Package Service elsewhere. The stand is not included. This is the EXACT head you will receive.”

18. Secret Occult Society Illuminati NWO RFID Microchip Implant Spy Kit Agent Zombie

We will send you an unsealed set. Please note top RFID sticker in case is used to track package itself – can not be used as already stuck on package.”

19. One Of A Kind, Conversational, Homeless Person’s Shoes

“This pair of shoes were worn by a homeless person, male, for 5 years; he agreed to give them to us, in exchange for a new pair of workshoes purchased for him at Walmart. He told us he lives in Washington, D.C., where we encountered him, some ten blocks or so from the Capitol building. We did not press more from him, but gave him twenty dollars and bad him an adieu. He had agreed that we would have the right to publicize his condition/story and do what we may with his old shoes. The shoes may of course be older than what he’d said. We will not say anything further. The shoes in our so-called “exceptional” country speak volumes.”

20. Amazing UFO Detector and Alien Abduction Detector / Based on Solid Tech (READ!)

“Paranormal Investigators Dream equipment for UFO Investigation. Are you being abducted, Then here is a way to get proof! Neither of these items has been made in about 10 years, i have both of these NIB. They are based on solid technologies. The UFO Detector ™ monitors the earths magnetic field and detects any changes to it’s magnetic balance and triggers. It beeps and the top green segment will blink brightly to alert you there is a variance in the magnetic field. This is commonly associated with UFO activity and the creation of
anti-gravity. The unit works for about 5 months on a 9vdc battery that is easily changed. Moving a magnet around it or metal will cause it to be trigger – or turning it. When this is put in an isolated location in a room the only reason it will ever trigger is due to something unnatural happening and by all means you should go outside and take photos of the sky with a camera that has IR sensitivity if ever triggers.”

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